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Effects on the ecosystem of mammoth extintion

While doing this article I have became more aware on the ecosystem and how much it changed in a good way. While mammoths were alive they tore down tree's, and they ate 600 pounds of grass a day. And think about it if there is a pack of mammoths just think how much grass is consumed every day. Although mammoths are pretty creatures they did a lot of damage to the ecosystem.

What I also saw while looking up the affects of the mammoths on the ecosystem is. The mammoths did not care about knocking down tree's to get what they wanted. They would tear the tree's from there roots if it was in there way just to get a couple pounds of grass. I also found out that if mammoths were still alive today. We would not have the resources and great economy that we have right now.

Are the mammoth fossils real??? The religious sides to the discovery

Religious sides to the mammoth discovery

When I was doing this project I noticed that a lot of people have doubt about mammoths being real. Even though we have evidence of the fossils of mammoth bones. People still feel that there is simply just not enough proof. Some do not believe because of their religion. If you have heard of the bible, it says nothing about God making mammoths or dinosaurs. Although it does says he made creatures , it does not state that he made mammoths.That's what i think is a little bit of the problem for people not believing in the creation of mammoths.

Another reason people might not want to believe that mammoths are real is because they might become scared that believing in such a thing could change the way they look at their religion. For example, the bible says that God created the earth in six days and He created man before He created the animals. But most scientist believe that mammoths were on the Earth before people. If religious people believed that mammoths were first, then the bible is wrong. And If the bible is wrong on one thing, it could be wrong on other things.