iGIP Monthly Performance Newsletter

August 2015

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Hey ICseXy!

Welcome to the first monthly iGIP newsletter! Today marks the official start to a new month; a month of unknown opportunities, surprises, successes, downfalls and hardships. It is already week 6 which means that only 7 weeks of your AIESEC term in iGIP 2015 remains. Take a moment to reflect on your progress so far. Take a moment to reflect on your first day at induction. For some it may be 1 and a half years ago, for most of you it may be only 4 weeks ago. Nonetheless, we all shared a common journey. We all shared a journey together as iGIP in the month of August 2015. Dwelling on the past will only hold us back, but it is always important to take the time to reflect and strive to become a better version of ourself.

Enjoy the read and let's get pumped for September :)

Vice- President Report

We came back after the National Conference in Melbourne with the largest fucking trophy. A trophy signifying a monumental feat. To be awarded the best iGIP LC for the term 2014-2015. I remember back as an iGIP member at the national conference in 2014 and watching Macquarie and Western Australia take the trophy home. I turned to Tony and I told him that we will be bringing that trophy back to UNSW next year. I envisioned myself holding that trophy with my team up on stage celebrating our hardwork and our achievement. Nothing is more surreal and satisfying than to achieve your biggest goal that you have set for yourself. Take a moment to think about what you want to achieve in life. Not in AIESEC. But in life. What is your biggest goal in life and can you envision yourself making it into a reality? Having confidence in yourself to achieve what you set out to achieve is the single most important thing to succeeding in life. Fuck what other people say. It is YOUR goal; proving them wrong should fuel you even more in accomplishing your goals.

AIESEC provided me with this platform to develop and explore my potential. I feel sorry for those who come in and leave without gaining much. You control your own journey and we are here to support you.

Time to think about what you set out to achieve when you first joined AIESEC, but take a step further and think about what MORE you can achieve. Don't limit your thinking to the end of this year, but think about what you can learn and develop in your time in AIESEC to propel you in the right direction for your future.
EB and LCP elections for 2016 are coming very soon. Please talk to me or your TLs if you are thinking about applying!

Always have a plan, always stay hungry and always stay ambitious.

Your VP,

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UNSW August Performance

It has been a slow start with UNSW achieving only 11 meetings and 0 raises. Our goal for August was 3 raises. We are now in September, the peak raising period. Let's do this guys and sign them contracts!!! We could be developing so much more than just doing cold calls and writing emails. Let's start meeting up with real businessman and start networking! These skills are invaluable in the workforce and it is really giving you a head start. It is not some random FMAA networking event where you talk to a representative about internships and graduate jobs with a bunch of other students. This is real business. This is what most of you will be doing in 5 years time. Talking business. Start building your network via Linkedin and start seeing the impact you can make on people from all around the world. It is crazy to meet new people and establish friendships with people from all around the world. Remember, AIESEC is a two way street. You only get out what you put in.

Here is a snapshot of how we are doing in comparison to the other LCs in Australia...
Let's beat fkn Usyd and UWA!!!

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Top Performers of the Month:

Scoreboard iGIP UNSW - August

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Our EPs

Remember iGIP is not all about business and raising. Our ultimate goal is to realise... to create life-changing, professional experiences for young people. There are so many people out there that are so keen to come to Australia. For them, it is a dream to come to the "luckiest" country in the world. Let's make it a reality and create a positive and meaningful impact on them.
For those who have been on exchange or frequently travel, you will understand how grateful you are if someone takes the time to meet up with you and show them around their city.

Important Announcements

  • iGIP Workshop this Saturday (5/9/15)! 3-5pm - PD will be running a workshop which will help you raise. A very practical simulation which will take you through lead generation all the way to meeting phase. Please Attend!
  • Parent Info Sesh tomorrow (4/9/15), CLB 6 at 6pm. Bring your parents and showcase them what AIESEC is all about...or just come along!

  • Booklets for Global Talent have arrived. Use them to sell in meetings. They are in the locker - I will give it to your TLs.
  • Attend MaC events! Help out AIESEC UNSW and be engaged with our overall mission!
  • Regional Sports Day! Saturday (12/9/15) - Come to Village Green - play sport, chill and beat the other LCs.
  • Use the iGIP Google drive! It has all the resources you need.
  • Please check and add your leads in the NSW iGIP Lead Tracker Spreadsheet. This ensures we remain professional and so we don't contact other companies that have already been contacted. VERY IMPORTANT.
  • EB and LCP elections coming very soon!!! Talk to me or your TLs if you are interested in applying!!!
  • Talk to me about anything! I'm don't bite ;)

iGIP Banter

For shits and giggles

Food For Thought

I watch this guy's vlogs everyday. His quite inspirational with his crazy work ethic, creativity, film making skills and general outlook in life.
A snapshot and brief insight to his life and why he believes that "free time is the enemy of progress".

Find your little motivation everyday. Good way to keep you going!

Fat and Lazy

That's it! Hope you enjoyed this newsletter :)