Important Information

5th Grade Ceremony

Oops......We forgot to send home information.....

We were busy signing yearbooks at the end of the day and some students did not get their dismissal tags for Wednesday's awards ceremony.

Parents who will be checking their student out from the church on Friday after the awards ceremony must have a lime green dismissal tag with them to present to take their child. Please look for dismissal instructions and these tags in your child's backpack tomorrow afternoon and bring it with you to the ceremony.

Students who will be checked out on Wednesday and leaving with their families will not need to bring a backpack to school with them. However, if your child is returning to school for the remainder of the day on Wednesday, they will need their backpack with their bus tag for afternoon dismissal.

I have so enjoyed working with your children this year and wish each of you an enjoyable summer. I am so proud of all of them as they move on to the next step in their educational careers at Couch Middle School!

Mrs. Nash