ELA Reading Plus Parent Information

Dear Burkholder Families,

Our school is using the Reading Plus program to help your student become a better reader.

Reading Plus helps students develop the skills they need to be proficient readers and

lifelong learners. Through regular Reading Plus practice, reading will become easier,

comprehension will increase, and your student will make meaningful connections between

reading and learning.To learn more about Reading Plus, visit www.readingplus.com.

Your student can complete Reading Plus assignments outside of school on a computer or

tablet with Internet access. Assignments in each component can be completed in any

order, but please remind your student that Reading lessons (SeeReader) are the most

important assignments. The program will keep track of assignments completed each week

as well as your student's progress toward the overall lesson goals. Weekly assignments reset every Monday at 12:00 a.m. You may also encourage your student to do additional work in Reading Plus if he or she completes the weekly assignments.

We look forward to the successful implementation on the program and the improvement of your child's reading skills.

Burkholder ELA Department

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