digital citizenship project

Jack R., period 3

#1 Digital etiquette

Be kind to other people you should treat them the same in the digital world as in the real world. No matter what, they are still real people.

#2 cyber bulling

You should not let the them get in your head, you should always report them if the are bulling you!

#3 information privacy

You should not give out info about yourself

#4 copyright

make sure that you are allowed to use something that you did not make without permision

#5 plagerism

you cant steal someone else work and take i as your own without permision

#6 online saftey

do not tell anyone anything without your parents being involved and keep you password safe.

#7 social networking

you should not share anything that you do not want other people to see.

why is digital etiquette important and why do we need it?

this is important because it shows use that we need to be KIND online, and to other people. Because you must remember that your are playing with real living people who have FEELINGS and might be HURT by what say and do. we need it because we need to be reminded of what is right and what is, and always will be, WRONG!