News from Mrs. Day & Mrs. Stasney

For the week of January 13th

HW Reminders

-Please help your child adjust to the new reading homework by ensuring that they are utilizing the pink strategies bookmark that should be kept in their HW folders in their Gator Binders.

-Math HW this week is back to normal...It was given on Monday and is due by Friday!

Gator Binder Reminders

-Please help your child remember to bring his/her Gator Binder to school every day.

-Please check your child's Gator Binder regularly. If a number code or note is written on the behavior card in the front, please initial so that we know you have seen it. You can see what your child is learning or working on every day by looking in your child's planner. Students write down the daily focus for each subject every day in there!

-Please help your child keep his/her Gator Binder neat and organized. When we do a worksheet whole group, it is put into the Gator Binders to go home. Students often forget to clean these papers out of their binders, and they can get quite messy!

PE Notes

Coach Herlihy and Coach Gracia have come up with a new way to communicate with parents regarding student behavior during PE. They have created half-page notes for the students to fill out when they have to be redirected numerous times. If you see one of these half-sheet notes from PE, please sign on the line at the top and return to school. This lets the coaches know that you have read the note and that you are aware of whatever the incident may have been. Thanks!

Upcoming Events

-Monday, January 20th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day-No school!

-Wednesday, January 29th: Progress reports sent home (please sign and return)

-Wednesday, February 5th: Early Release at 12:45 pm

-Thursday, February 6th: Spring Showcase

-Friday, February 14th: Class Valentine's Day celebrations

-Monday, February 17th: Presidents' Day-No school for students