Troop 2205

June 10, 2016

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From the Leaders' Desks

Sydney and I have had such a great time working with your daughters this past year. When we look back at the things they've done and how much they've grown, it makes us very proud of their accomplishments and makes the time and effort that we put into this so very worth it.

Looking forward to a very fun and growth filled year next year!

Mary Alice and Sydney

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Recap of last night's meeting and Info for this summer

1. We spent a great deal of time discussing Take Action projects to complete our Get Moving Journey. Final decision was to 1) invite a younger troop to join us on a beach clean-up (this will probably occur on September 17 to co-inside with the International Coastal Cleanup Day, so please mark your calendars now) and 2) Research what the elementary schools in this area do with their left over food and if it's thrown out, then start a campaign to have the food collected and delivered to local food pantry/homeless cafes to be used to feed the homeless. This is a big project and if it turns out that the food is thrown away, the remainder of the project will probably become the girls Bronze Award project as well.

2. After reviewing the Gardening badge requirements, we discovered that the Junior Botanist field trip last November was great at teaching the girls about pollinators and native Florida plants, it didn't really meet the requirements for the badge, so we spent time discussing what seeds and plants need for germination and growth. Then each girl selected seeds to plant in peat pots they took home. See below instructions for finishing this requirement.

3. We finished up with a little party (thank you, Lexi, for the very delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies!!!!) and a Court of Awards. Once again, the badges on Dez's left legs (except the Stop Hunger patch) go on the front of the vest. They received the Innovate part of their Journey badge (goes on left side of vest with the Energize badge- see below) and their Horseback Riding badge and FIrst Aid badge (both of these go on the bottom of the right side of the vest). These are iron -on. If your daughter is missing any of these, call me so I can tell you what she's missing. All the patches on Dez's right legs go on the back of the vest in any configuration your daughter desires. These are not iron-on. The Girl Scout store has this great stuff called Badge Magic which is an adhesive that you cut to fit the badge - no sewing or ironing needed! See page 3 of the below link for a picture of Junior badge placement.

4. After seeing how Lexi had completed some skills badges on her own, some of the girls wanted to do the same. Please talk to your daughter to see if she is interested. The following skills badges lend themselves to independent work and should be easy for them to complete with minimal time and input for the adults or you may do something that sounds like fun for both of you:

Playing the Past - they learn how girls from the past lived, worked and played.

Staying Fit - they learn what they need to get and stay strong

Digital Photographer - They learn how to use a digital camera

Scribe - they learn how to write different kinds of stories

Practice with Purpose - they learn how to set a sports goal and practice to achieve it

Flowers- they all that's wonderful about flowers

Independence - they learn to be more confident doing things on their own and know who to help others to be confident in them.

Let me know if one or more sounds good and I'll forward you the badge requirements.

Horseback Riding badge

The girls had a blast last Saturday. Only 5 of the girls were able to go, so we'll be going back again this Fall for the girls who couldn't make it. Though they aren't quite ready for the Olympics or racetracks, they did learn how to groom, saddle and perform basic steering maneuvers. They also played with weeks old baby bunnies and guinea pigs. It was hot, but there were smiles all around.

Tentative date for our next meeting

Thursday, Aug. 25th, 5:30-7pm

Hyde Park Methodist Church, 500 Platt St., Tampa FL 33606

This is the tentative date for our first Troop Meeting of the new school year. I anticipate that we will still be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. There will, more than likely, be a Parents Meeting the Sunday before (21 Aug), but this is also tentative.

Early Bird Renewal

Thank you to the parents who have brought in a check or given me money for renewing your daughter's GSUSA membership for next year! So far we have 6 girls returning for next year. I know this is a big commitment for your daughters and you to make, but I also know that the rewards your daughters get out of Scouting are tremendous. I also know that their being a Girl Scout, especially if she achieves a Gold Award, can make a difference in her college acceptances. These kids stand out on applications.

In order to make the Early Bird deadline, I'll be making the Troop renewals the week of June 20th, so if you decide between now and then that your daughter wants to renew, let me know and we'll make arrangements for getting the $15.

As part of the Troop's charity work, the Troop will match your daughter's registration fee and contribute to our Council's Family Partnership Program (also a requirement for the Super Troop designation). You and your family can also contribute to this fund when you renew your adult volunteer fee of $15. Your registration fees go entirely to GSUSA to cover insurance and GSUSA expenses. Our Council depends upon the QSP and Cookie sales proceeds, and donations. As you can see from the chart below, every little bit helps. So, please consider making a small contribution when you renew. Thank you.

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Mark Your Calendars

Sunday, 21 AUG - tentative date for Parents meeting

Thursday, 25 AUG - tentative first meeting

Saturday, 17 SEP - International Beach Cleanup - tentative

Gardening Badge

Okay, here's what needs to be done with those seed trays the girls brought home. They soil should be kept moist, not soppy wet. The seeds your duaghters chose from were lavender, basil, oregano, chives, cilantro, basil, and catnip. They should take any where from 10 -25 days to sprout. Once the seedlings get to be roughly 2 inches tall, they can be transplanted into the clay pot that also came home with your daughter. You will need to provide the potting soil for this part. Please take a picture of the planted clay pot and send to me so I can see that this requirement is complete. Your daughter can decorate her clay pot any way she would like. Call me with any questions.

Bronze Award

At our last meeting, the majority of the girls decided that they'd like to pursue the Bronze Award. We will complete this next year, so Sydney and I will look into the necessary training this summer. We'll discuss this more at our parent meeting in August after school starts. Meanwhile, if you can talk to your daughter about ideas she may have about a service project that contributes to our community in some way.