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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Coming Home Today:

Secret Shop Information

Market Day

Holiday Giving Food Basket Class Assignment

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Break Out the Winter Gear!

Please be sure to bundle up the kids before sending them off to school. Hats, gloves/mittens, scarves, and warm winter coats help the kids enjoy the time they have outside during recess.

Giving Project Details

Look for Information from your child's teacher regarding our Holiday Basket Giving Drive. Each homeroom class will be given a food item to donate. Our school community has provided some pretty amazing holiday memories and celebrations over the years. Thank you for your continued support of this community support effort.

Warwick Writer Making Her Mark - Time is Running Out! Please vote!

Warwick is proud of the many talented young writers we have the pleasure of teaching every day. Sixth grader Angela Z. entered the Stolen Adventure "Create-A-Character" Contest sponsored by Mark Wullert, author of the Stolen Adventures series. She was selected as a finalist out of 427 entrants from across the United States. According to the judges, Angela’s character “Adalia was very intriguing and featured great description, both in appearance and personality. They were also pleased with her creativity in identifying how Adalia would fit into the storyline moving forward.”

To read Angela’s entry along with the other finalists, go to the website:

Once you are on the website, scroll down and Click Here to Join the Club. After you have done that, Mark Wullert and his team will send you a ballot via e-mail. Voting ends November 21st.

Let’s show Angela our Warwick support by going to the website and voting for her creativity and her willingness to take a risk by submitting her writing for publication.

Warwick Artists on display

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Fifth grade students in Mrs. Alderfer’s Art Classes created abstract pebble paintings using the concepts of Analogous Colors, Complementary Colors, Tints and Shades. Students used blending techniques to shade their pebble shapes with acrylic paints.

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Mrs. Parks’ students created Pop-Art variations of apples with Mrs. Alderfer using paper mosaic squares and sponge paint.
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Mrs. Parks’ students created fall trees with Mrs. Alderfer, using corrugated cardboard, finger paint, construction paper and painted wooden apples.

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Mrs. Parks’ students created Pumpkins in art class by using a paper quilling technique. Students rolled their own orange paper strips to create their beautiful pumpkins!

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First grade students in Mrs. Alderfer’s Art Classes created line design patterns using crayon, water color and black paper strips. Their abstract designs look a lot like modern stained glass windows!
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Second grade students in Mrs. Alderfer’s Art Classes created Native American inspired coil pots. Students used the coil method of construction and used glaze as well as an acrylic wash to make their pots vibrant with color.

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First grade students in Miss Van Houten’s Art Classes created works of art inspired by Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky and the art elements line and shape. Students worked with primary colors and also learned how to mix secondary colors using tempera paints.

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Third grade students in Miss Van Houten’s Art Classes learned about warm and cool colors. Students created sun and moon artworks that show expression through illustration and color choices.

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Fifth Grade students in Miss Van Houten’s Art Class completed their own complex color wheel, with the use of tempera paints and mixing colors to create 12 different “Hues”.

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Sixth grade students in Mrs. Alderfer’s Art Classes created repeating stamped radial designs,much like the geometric designs found on Moroccan Tiles. Students carved designs into rubber erasers and used florescent highlighter markers for the ink.

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Standardized Data: A Small Part of the Picture . . . . . .

Last week I challenged you with part of the new ELA PSSA. The poetry passage and questions that followed were from the 3rd grade released item sampler.

This week I'm sharing the answers according to the state.

I think you'll find that some of the questions are challenging, even as an adult.

During our PTO meeting on Wednesday, everyone in attendance tried the questions. We talked about the value of these assessments, and the good information they can provide. We also talked about how these assessment only scratch the surface (iceberg analogy) of what really makes an excellent school and school community.

It's important to keep all of this in mind when we look at standardized scores, or SPP numbers. While these assessment certanily give us some information to consider regarding the teaching and learning in our school(s), in no way do they define who we are or what we do.

We have much to be proud of in our school community and I look forward to exploring ways to continue to share that excellence with you as often as possible (like Twitter).

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Halloween Buy Back

Students in Mr. Cresswell's 2nd grade class donated Hallwoeen candy to the US Military Services. Mrs. Lankin (Warwick parent) is a former service member and organized the buy back. Students wrote letters to the troops to be included in the boxes of candy. They also made posters to go along with the packages. The candy weighed in at 18lbs 4oz!! (that's A LOT of candy)!! Special thanks to Mrs. Maddox for sharing the information and picture with us to include!
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Boomerang Award Assets 2014-2015

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Nomination Form

UPCOMING EVENTS...................

November 10-November 14

  • Book Fair, Library

November 14

  • CB Patriots Players Present Peter Pan @ 2:50, Gym

November 17

  • Chess Club, 8:00, Room 16

November 18

  • Market Day pick up, 5:00-6:00, Gym

November 19

  • Progress Reports made available Parent Portal
  • Grade 4, Trip to Michener Museum
  • Musical Performances for school, Gr. 2 & 3 @ 9:30
  • Evening performances for parents, Gr. 2 @ 6:30 / Gr. 3 @ 7:30

November 24-November 26

  • Professional Development Days, Fall Conferences

November 27-November 28

  • Thanksgiving Holiday

December 1

  • Band Rehearsal, 8:15, Gym
  • Chess Club, 8:00, Room 16

December 2

  • Strings Rehearsal, 8:00, Gym

December 5

  • Father/Son Event, Newtown Athletic Club, 7:00-9:00

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