Beneath The Surface

By: John Hargrove Flyer by : Gabe Coville

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The Trainers Experience

This book is written by a former sea world trainer. First the man worked from the bottom up. Until he was a trainer that worked with the orcas. He worked there for many years and was even attacked by a whale once. He still worked at sea world until he realized what the company was doing and quit in 2012. John joined the producer of Blackfish a documentary that showed a lot of people what sea world was doing and now sea worlds business has gone down a lot because of him and the movie. After, he wrote this book to show his personal experience.

The Whales

The whales at sea world or orcas are treated very badly. First thing is they do not live as long in captivity than in the wild. In the wild they can live from 60-90 and at sea world it could be as low as 9. Also the orcas dorsal fins in the wild are straight in captivity they are collapsed. Orcas at sea world are in to small of a space and are bored out of their minds. The orcas do almost nothing they enjoy. No humans have been killed or injured from orcas in the wild but in captivity 151 have died and been injured.
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