Online Car Insurance

A Quick and Easy Procedure

The number of car insurance buyers has drastically increased in the country. Furthermore, the advent of the internet has made purchasing policies, just a click away for people. Many of the car insurance companies have their own websites where people can browse through the wide variety of plans that are offered by them and view their different quotes

It is easy to browse through the wide variety of providers online, where their plans and rates can also be compared via different portals. These plans may be offered by not only car insurance dealers, but also insurance firms and NFBC's (Non Financing Banking Corporations). While finding online car insurance may not be too difficult, the major confusion lies in selecting a well-established and reliable dealer.

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There are different plans which are offered, but the main types include damage against third party liability insurance and comprehensive plans.

  • · Third party liability insurance provides coverage for any damage to property, injury to a third party or accidental death. This policy is mandatory for all the vehicles in India.

  • · Comprehensive plans refer to coverage that is offered to provide financial protection for damage to one’s own vehicle as well as any legal liability of third party. This plan may also include theft or damage that has been caused by unforeseen perils such as earthquakes, floods, fire explosion, etc.

The procedure to purchase a vehicle insurance policy online is quick, easy and can be done within a few minutes, especially via portals. For a website that belongs to a company, the method is simple and direct. If purchasing via portals, a person can choose from a wide variety of plans offered by many different dealers before choosing the one that suits their budget and preferences.

In order to purchase online covers, one has to enter in their personal details as well as details of their car in the online form that is provided on the website of the company or via the portal. Some of the personal details that are generally asked include one's name, mobile number, email ID, DOB (date of birth), city of residence and one’s annual income.

The details regarding the vehicle that you want to insure may include, knowing the type of car and model that you want to insure, the type fuel that is used (whether diesel or petrol), if CNG/LPG has been fitted in the vehicle and the car registration number. Various other details will also be asked, such as under whose name is the vehicle registered under, in which year it was registered and when you would like the policy to commence from. The payment can then be made online via various electronic payment methods such as debit/credit card or via Net banking.