Cowboys Needed for Hire!

For the rancher, Morgan Dunahoo.

Please Contact Me if Interested!

Extra Rewards

When you start the job, you will receive a $100 starting paycheck. You will also be able to live on my ranch and eat with my family. This is a great deal so agree to it without a second thought.

Skills & Knowledge Needed

You will have to know information about cows. You're going to be working with them on the open range and the long drives. You will basically be making sure the cows are healthy. You also will have to be able to herd cattle. You are going have to travel with them on the long drives and keep your cattle together on the open ranges.
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This is a picture of a cowboy doing his job.

Responsibilities & Duties

You will need to be the caretaker for the cattle. You need to feed them and keep them healthy. You will also need to use the tools made by the Mexican Cowhands. You will also need to take care of the cattle in the open range. This land is owned by the government so you need to be careful on it. You will have to go on the long drives, or traveling, with the cows. You will need to use the Chisholm Trail, that extends from Texas to Kansas. You will also need to brand my cattle. You need to do this to tell which cattle is mine on the long drives and in the open range. You will not lose any of my cattle and there will be no mavericks.

Letter Home from the Chisholm Trail

L I L beef camp Sept the 6th, 1886 (letter is postmarked Haskell, Texas)
Mrs. Mollie Robinson dear ones
It is with a sad heart that I embrace the present opportunity of writeing you a few lines. I have got no work yet. Tandy and Tyson have both made me a kind of a promise to go to Kansas but the country is over run with hands nearly as bad that down there. The herd will start by the 15th and if I don’t get work by that time I am comeing home. I don’t know how we will make out but I guess there will be some way provided. Will has not got back yet. He was talking of going by home. I wish I could see you and the dear little ones this morning. I think it would beat lying around here all day.

There is some pretty country here and good land and some as rough as I ever saw. Buster looks awful bad. I don’t think I will bring him back. I have not heard from you since Ma left there. I hope poor little Oscar is well. Well I have no news. I will close. Your loving husband, C. S. Robinson

This is a letter home to his wife as he is working for a rancher.

Challenges & Obstacles

You might encounter Native Americans along the Chisholm Trail. You will have to learn to talk to them and convince them to let you go forward. You might also have to deal with barbed wire on the open ranges. It is hard to move cattle through barbed wire. You might have to go around the open range where barbed wire sections off the land.

Benefits of Working For ME

You will get to see different parts of the United States. Some places along the Chisholm Trail have beautiful sights. You will also get to learn more about yourself. On the long drives, you will have lots of time to think. You will also gain knowledge and get stronger due to the strenuous stuff you do.

This picture is of a cowboy watching the cattle on the open range. This is going to be a part of your job.


You will never be in just one place for a long period of time. You will work on my ranch and on long drives. The long drives will be along the Chisholm Trail. You will also be at a slaughterhouse.

This is a picture of a sign marking the Chisholm Trail. Cowboys relied on this to make sure they were going in the right direction.

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