Christopher Columbus- Good or Bad?

Why they went?

People started going on expeditions because they wanted to spread and expand their religion, have a bigger and more powerful empire, and to get rich. The phrase "God, Gold, and Glory" can be used to refer to the reasons why people started going on expeditions.

What issues did they have on the way there?

Christopher Columbus was one of the people who believed that the worlds circumference was not as big as others thought. He believed he could reach Asia by sailing west instead of east around Africa. He took 3 voyages and he didn't reach the Indies until the 4th

What controversies are there over Columbus?

Columbus used the indians he captured along the way as slaves. He was very violent to them and did not treat them well. Many people on the ships suffered dehydration and starvation do to lack of food and water. Columbus also brought new diseased to the natives that had long-term effects on them. He also forced natives to convert to christianity (God, Gold, Glory)

What did Columbus do that was smart?

The invention of the Columbian Exchange had a big impact on Europe and the Americas. The Columbian Exchange allowed plants and animals between Europe and the Americas. It helped more people survive and greatly increased the population.

What did Columbus do that was dumb?

When Columbus arrived, he brought many diseased with him and dramatically impacted the indians. For example, in Mexico, the population dropped from 25 million in 1500 to 1 million in 1630. Also forced labor and starvation took a big toll on the captured natives and the people on the ships