Happy St. Patty's Lights

The kids are jumping all over the playground-fun!

Trimester 2 Report Cards for 4K-6th Grade will be available online in Skyward Family Access on Friday, March 16 after 12 pm.

Terrific exercise and lots of fun

The jump ropes are receiving a real workout this time of year. It is so much easier to jump without boots. Great carryover from JUMP ROPE FOR HEART!
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Reading really sails!

With a few of their favorite mates, these first graders are sailing into new reading waters in the cool new sailboat in our library-please note the "water" beneath it.

You can find reading and writing anytime at the Primary School

Whether it is in the library or a classroom, children are excited about doing both. The workshop models have truly encouraged the children to become the best readers and writers they can hope to be.
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Not a good idea

This photo would provide you with a poor example of how not to park at school. Please let's stay on the hard surfaces. Thanks so much!
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Mike Budisch

Please keep reading to your children as often as you can. It may seem like a trite reminder, still the rewards are remarkable. I am sure you have favorites to read too. Alternate nights, they pick a book, then the next night, it is your turn. I hope you will always look forward to this. My 33 year old still remembers me reading to her, now she reads to her almost 3 year old, every night. Some are the same books,