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This newsletter contains information about news announcements.


News announcements are a great way to get information across to your students and personalize the course for them.

Possible News Announcement Topics:

  • Due today/this week/tomorrow
  • Embed weekly newsletters
  • Jigsaw reminders
  • Assignment reminders
  • Hints for assignments
  • Test correction reminders
  • Progress Reports Reminders
  • Check grades for zeros
  • Did you know/helpful tips
  • Thank you for turning in work
  • Missing assignments
  • Holiday reminders (Thanksgiving, Spring Break)
  • ...and many more!

Teacher Toolbox

This site ( has help videos compiled by GAVS about news announcements.

Note: There is information about embedding Twitter into Brightspace on this page and we have been asked not to do this since we switched to a new version of Brightspace.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Save all of your news announcements by copying the HTML into a word, excel, OneNote, Evernote, etc. document so you are not reinventing the wheel each semester.
  • If you have a news announcement that is similar to another one, copy the HTML code from the first one into a news announcement and edit from there.
  • Use conditional releases
    • Dates - you can choose announcements to display only during certain times. For example, if you have a news announcement that says something about checking grades for zeros that you want to set for Thursday and Friday, you can just change the date each week, rather than making a new one each week.
    • Sections - You can choose a news announcement to only display to a specific section. For example, if you choose to embed a weekly newsletter, you might not want the 18 week newsletter to display for the 16, 14, and 12 week students.
    • Assignment - You can set a news announcement to appear after a student has completed an assignment. For example, I let my students complete test corrections for 5 points back on their test. I set the news announcement about test corrections to appear after they've completed an attempt on a test.
    • Groups - I don't use this one as much as I should, but you can create a group of, say, your special needs students (NOTE: they can see the group title, so don't call them "Special Needs Group", call them something vague like "Stars". Then you can set an announcement to appear that reminds them of their extended due date window or something like that.

This link has copies of the HTML of all of my news announcements:

My news schedule (as an example):

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