Mosque at Cordoba, Spain

Brianna S.


The Mosque is located in Cordoba, Spain, south of Madrid. It is a popular tourist attraction, and much of it's architecture was inspired by ancient Rome.
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Since it was first built, the Mosque has doubled in size. It's many rooms include a prayer hall, a courtyard, an orange grove, a bell tower, and much more. In the prayer hall, it has horseshoe-like arches that fill up the entire room. It's walls display stunning, golden, mosaic, art.


The territory originally had a temple. It all changed when in the 8th century bce, Prince Abd al-Rahman fled his home when his family was overthrown. He took over the Iberian Peninsula and built a mosque, using inspiration from his old home. Later, Christians traveled to Spain and tried to takeover, wanting to build their own church. Over the course of 800 years, the two groups fought for the territory. Eventually, the Muslims won, and the mosque continued to be their sacred building.
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The Great Mosque is sacred to the Islamic religion. It symbolizes how much war and battles the Muslims fought to preserve a place to practice their faith. It's architecture and agriculture symbolize it's long history and how many different cultures it was inspired by. Mosque was the capital of the Spanish Muslim dynasty. It was a place where people could pray, preach, and sing in choirs.
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  • It's largest prayer hall is 23,000 square meters
  • There is a beautiful dome in the building known for it's beautiful mosaics
  • When Abd al-Rahman built the Mosque, he brought oranges with him, and there is still an orange grove there today
  • As well as a place of worship, the Mosque is a very popular tourist attraction in Spain
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