Explorer Missions


What is an explorer mission

An explore mission is NASA's longest series of spacecraft, with 74 successful and 4 unsuccessful missions. It is basically those satalites launched up in the air and the rovers. They also send people up into space. There are explore missions done by many other countries like Britain.

The Explorer 1

Explorer 1 was launched in January 3 1958 was the first successful American satellite. Explore 1 was the first spacecraft that could detect the radiation trapped in the earths magnetosphere (magnetosphere- the magnetic field surrounding earths atmosphere.

Jupiter's icy moon exploration

Jupiter's icy moon exploration (juice) is research that shows that there is ice under 1 of jupiter's 3 moons Europa and wherever there is ice there is water and so that means that there can be life in Europa. They are going to launch their spaceshuttle in 2022. The British is launching the Ariane 5