MVMS Summer Blast

Summer of 2016

Happy Summer!

Hi Everyone,

I trust that all are having a wonderful summer and taking a much needed opportunity for rest and relaxation. I have seen many of you around school this summer trying to navigate your way to your classroom through all of the construction workers and painters and am hoping that you are not spending too much time at MV. We will be rolling out our monthly communications in the fashion you see below. For now, see below for a snapshot of what's going on at MV this summer.


MVMS Summer Blast 1617


This past June Kelly, Dennis, and I attended a two day workshop hosted by PUSD. Former superintendent and author, Austin Buffum helped to lead our work to ensure all schools within PUSD were on track to create opportunities for our success. We discussed the different levels that will assist any school/district walking the RtI path.

  • Intensive Support in prior skills (for example, a student who is far below reading level)
  • Additional support to master grade-level essentials
  • All students have access to grade-level essential standards
We are excited to share what we learned and discussed at the workshop with our MV family during our August Pro-Growth days.

Meeting Formats for 1617

In order for us to accomplish what we outlined last May, we need your commitment to thoroughly reading emails put out to the staff. The planned formats remain as outlined at our last Staff Meeting.

Staff Meeting Format
  • 15 minutes of School Business
  • 30 minutes of Pro-Grow (Staff directed development)

Staff Development Days (Minimum Days) ~Staff Directed Design/Focus
  • One Day of Training
  • One Day of Student Focus

Pro-Growth Days (Working to incorporate Leadership in design)
  • August ~School Opening
  • September ~SPSA/Data
  • January ~PUSD
  • March ~TBD (through Leadership)

Leadership Meeting (format to be discussed within Leadership)

2016-2017 Goals and Committments

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August Pro-Grow

More will follow as we get closer to our Pro-Grow dates.

For now, please plan on being at Mt. Carmel by 8 AM on August 11th. Our keynote speaker for the day will be Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade. We will leave Mt. Carmel at roughly 9:30. We will meet back up at MV around 10:30 to begin our work surrounding RtI.

Parking at MC may be problematic with so many of our colleagues in attendance (you may want to meet at MV to carpool over to MC). Only half of our schools will be in attendance during the first session. Our session will comprise of mainly our "westside" schools (including our feeders and WHS).

Here's a quick link to find out more about Jeff.