A New Kind of Fast Food


How would you like to have a new kind of food even faster than fast food? Statistics show it is 7.6 times more efficient than the leading brands. Suppose you want to eat a cheeseburger from McDonald's. You would first have to get ready to go, putting on your shoes and gathering your belongings would take approximately 5 minutes. You would then have to get in your car to transport to the fast food restaurant (approximately 8 minutes). Fast food lines can be long especially around meals times, so the process of waiting to order, waiting for the food to be prepared, and getting the food would take approximately 7 minutes. Eating it would take about 10 minutes, and the drive back home, again, 8 minutes. Total, getting your "fast food" would take about 38 minutes. Is 38 minutes truely fast? Is sacrificing nutrition really worth this "effeciency"? McDonalds is one of the world's most popular fast food restaurants, but my proposal will reduce the amount of time needed by 760%. Introducing the new HOME FOOD. This HOME FOOD is stored in Your Cabinet or Your Refrigerator and accessible at any time. The only transportation needed is the walk from your couch to Your Refrigerator. Not only is the time dramatically reduced from 38 to 5 minutes (all spent eating), but the food is much healthier and has unlimited options. You can customize your HOME FOOD by selecting different flavor themes in your local Grocery Store. If you seek more complex and fancier HOME FOODS you can design your own by using a Cook Book and using a Stove or Oven. This new world of HOME FOOD introduces an entirely new way of eating healthier and more efficiently without the hassle of leaving your Home.