Experience All'asta SoCal Style

Have you been wondering about All'asta? Let's PARTY!

I'm having a party!

I will be hosting my first SoCal All'asta party at the Courtyard Marriott in Anaheim on Sunday July 21st and I want YOU there!

Here is what YOU do. YOU get to choose 2 things from your home. Like what you say? Like... shoes, clothing, dishes, home decor, purses, small furniture items, jewelry, ANYTHING at all.

It should be something you have loved, or perhaps was given to you but isn't really your style. Maybe you bought it but got it home and it wasn't quite right, but you never took it back. Think Upscale Consignment Store items. Find 1 or 2. Then bring them to the party!

We'll have a silent auction where we will bid on each others STUFF! Everyone makes MONEY (50%!!) on what they sell! All'asta will send you a check for what you earn!


You can SPEND that money at the party! YES. You can pay for YOUR auction purchases, OR you can spend that money on items in our BEAUTIFUL catalog!

Our catalog is modeled after Sundance and Anthropologie. SO cool and eclectic and original! You will LOVE it.

I'll have some snacks and drinks to share!

I am SO excited! RSVP as soon as you see this so I can plan the space accordingly! YAY! XOXOXOXO

Experience All'asta with Laurie P!

Sunday, July 21st 2013 at 10am-1pm

2045 South Harbor Boulevard

Anaheim, CA