Film, video editor/camera operator

Job description

They manipulate Images to entertain or inform the audience. Camera operators capture images/footage for TV shows, motion pictures, music videos, documentaries, or news and sporting events. The editors organize final productions from the images the camera operator took.

Daily task and Responsibilities

  • Shoot and record television programs, music videos,etc.
  • collaborate with the director to determine overall production.
  • organize raw film footage into a continuous whole.

Education and training

You will need a bachelor's degree in filming and broadcasting. You also take courses in camera operation and/or video software.This will take about 4 years of college.

Preferred Job Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Creativity skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Visual skills
  • Detail orientated

Job Outlook

The job outlook for the film and video editor and camera operator is 3% slower than average. The average employment is 28,100. Film and video editors there is about 28,100 jobs in 2012; about 48% were employed by motion pictures, and 10% worked in television broadcasting, and 24% were self employed.


The adverage salary is $60,200 per year

Work Environment

Mostly film and video editor and camera operators they usually work in a office or studios. Camera operators also work at any locations depending on what they are filming. Film and video editors usually work by themselves editing different videos for a lot of hours. Camera operators work away from home for month at times depending on what you are filming.

High School Preparations

Related Courses

  • Photography- You can take photography to learn many camera techniques. They learn how to Photoshop to correct photographs.
  • photography and digital video- they expand their knowledge of photography by exploring digital video. They record different videos and edit them.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • computer club- helps you with your computer skills
  • Skills USA- it helps you with many career skill you will need in the future. For example they help with team work skill when you work in groups with the same interest.

Work and/or Volunteer Experience

  • You can volunteer at family birthday parties to film the party and take pictures.
  • You can be a inter for a video/photography company and do edits and corrections of the pictures/videos they take.