My 2014-2015 School Year

"The year I embarked my middle school journey"


Middle school was a time of change: new teachers, new schedule, and new people. I attend a school with at least a thousand kids. I took that opportunity to make new friends. I also started studying more, focusing in class more, and trying everything I could to maintain a high grade. Lastly, I realized that I could become successful by following my passion and what motivates me.

This explains different ways on how to make new friends in middle school. I used some of these methods.

Social Skills Training: Making Friends in Middle School

This article states that kids who study and are educated are prone to get a good career.

This is a video that states that kids who follow their passion tend to have more confidence and are more successful in their career.

How to help children become successful in study, career and life.


In conclusion, these have changes have greatly affected me. These changes have prepared me to the face the world and become successful on my own. They made me realize that there is a great, big world out there, and the chances of doing well is small. While I'm still young, I need to take this opportunity to prepare myself for the future and ensure a prosperous life. I wish that I was able to communicate more with others and make more new friends. However, I really look forward to achieving this goal next year.