New System Launch

Friday, November 1st!!

Make a plan now so we all have a smooth transition:-)

**** For those of you who are NEW and not quite sure what all this means... please contact your mentor so they can explain what is going on****

{New System Launching!}

We’ve been planning for it for the better part of a year. We’ve been talking about it for months. We’ve been testing it (quite diligently) for several months. And now it’s time to launch our enhanced new Back Office System!

Introducing…your brand new best friend and business tool, launching NOVEMBER 1, 2013. We’re very excited about the ways this will improve your O2 life!

Our pending launch means that all Jewelry Bars need to be closed by 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, October 31.

We wanted to keep our promise to you and give you a week’s notice for Jewelry Bar closure. Beginning tomorrow, and in the coming days, you will receive much more information, including links to training webinars and answers to more FAQs.

In the meantime, know that your leaders – Executive Team Leaders and above – have been testing the system and have logged more than 1,800 hours of testing time. Once you begin viewing the training webinars, remember to call on your leaders for their expertise. They were very excited about the system’s capabilities.


The Nest

Did you see what was on Yahoo's home page???

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We are all part of something really special...

All I can say is WOW! We are all part of something pretty special, what a blessing this company has been for so many of us and for many more to come! I for one am very proud to be a part of this amazing company, growing pains and all! Let's continue to keep our eye on the big picture... who would have thought that less than 2 years we would be HERE!! Can't wait for the next 2 years!!!

Here is another email we all should have gotten, but just in case you didn't here it is:-)

Dear Fabulous Designers,

To make your day a bit brighter, we have some AMAZING news for you! We love spreading a little cheer, and it warms our heart to let you know that Origami Owl just received Inc. magazine’s Hire Power Award!

Inc.’s Hire Power Award celebrates private companies on the forefront of American job creation. Origami Owl was recognized for creating jobs and boosting the country’s economic vitality! Overall, Origami Owl is ranked no. 35 out of 100 on the list of top job creators in the United States! In the consumer products and services industry, we are ranked no. 2; we’re also the second highest job creator in Arizona.

This incredible accomplishment could not be done without all of you—our wonderful Designers! Thank you all for your support, love and hard work. We are so grateful to have you living out our mission to be a force for good. You truly make our business special!

While we’ve enjoyed so much incredible success, this is only the beginning of O2’s journey to becoming a household name and will truly help you as you grow your business. In fact, the future’s so bright you might want to snag our adorable Sunglasses Charm as a reminder that there’s much more to come. We couldn’t ask for a better group to join us on our incredible journey.

The Nest