Bobcat Bulletin

September 25, 2016

Dear Staff,

We made it through the Mock LIM Review beautifully. Yeah! We do have some areas need some work. One area is Leadership Notebooks. Most teachers have a detailed plan for each tab. A few teachers have ideas for both the Celebrations and tracking goals. Celebrations can be anything. Celebrate how they are doing on their goals, a Lexia, Dreambox, AR certificate or a well done test. Tracking progress, on the other hand, should be done at least weekly. I have attached a LIM booster video to help you. Larry and Wendy will also share some templates next week.

We are trying to get as much positivity about our school and school district in the community. I encourage you to become a Twitter user or, at the minimum, a twitter follower of FSS. The link below is for you to take the Twitter challenge.

Twitter in 10.

The T3 team is working hard to keep us on the cutting edge of technology in schools. They have created a Tech Plan that details what Common Sense Media lessons to teach for social media safety, a plan for teaching computer skills like keyboarding and word processing and a plan for infusing technology into your daily lessons. They will be available for tech education and ideas (not fixing tech issues, that will need a tech work order). They will be pushing out emails and a shared file for you to use. This is an area to grow in and become more comfortable with. We have some very tech savvy teachers and some not so tech savvy. It is important we all move toward being more digital and technologically literate. Including me! I have attached the Tech Plan below for you to get more familiar and comfortable with.

Have a great week!


T3 Technology Plan

Filed in our shared folder under Tech Plan