Gender Inequality

Sport, Exercise & Health

Women in the industy

The ongoing debate on gender inequality is ever present in todays society. High profile jobs for men cast a shadow on the women who are in the same position as they yet recieve no recognision for it.

The Stats

1. In mid 2007 there 31 million women compared to 29.9 million men in the UK population

2. One in five members of the NGB boards is a woman. One quatre of sports have no women in board positions at all, allthough half of all the staff in the NGBs are female.

3. 22% of performance directors are female and only 20% of NGB senior management team members are women. Less than one in ten women plays competitive sport.

The UN see sport as an important tool for social empowerment. "the social benifits of sport are especially important for girls, given that many girls, particularly in adolecance, have fewer opportunities than boys for social interaction outside the home and beyond family structures"

A study from 2009 from the world bank has shown that not investing in women has a detrimental effect on the economy, this could also have a knock on effect, which impacts health and social well being. It has been shown that societies that have a preference in not investing in women pay a price for it in terms of of slower growth and reduced income.

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