megans soundtrack


sorry-Justin Beiber

pop-I like this song because it is really upbeat and happy. I also like it because it is catchy a fun to sing along with.

respect-Aretha Franklin

pop- I like this song because it is catchy and I used to hear it a lot. It is also motivational to show respect.

love yourself- Justin Beiber

pop-this is my favorite song right now because it is just the right tempo for me. I also like it because it is easy to remember ans fun to jam to.

Hello -Adele

pop- I love this song because i just love Adele's voice. Her voice just makes me feel calm whenever I listen to it.

My Wish-Rascal Flats

country-This song is just good. I love listening to it because I love the band rascal flats and so does my mom.

hips dont lie - shakira

Latin- this song is very upbeat and happy. It makes me happy to listen to it.

boyfriend- Justin Beiber

This song makes me feel good and happy. I just love Justin Beiber's songs.

I want to dance with somebody-Whitney Houston

rythem and blues- I like this song because it shows what a good singer she was and makes me sad that she died.