Comparison of World Religions

Hailey Ouzts


  • About 4000 years ago, in the Middle East a Hebrew man named Abraham promoted the idea that there is only one God and this became popular.
  • Jews believe in one God, also known as Yahweh.
  • They believe that their God watches over, cares for, loves, and protects His people. God holds people accountable for their sins and shortcomings. People can serve Him by studying and living by the Torah and the Hebrew Bible.
  • The Torah teaches that it is by good works that you can receive salvation.
  • Jews beliefs spread by the Jews spreading around the world and by the book Torah.
  • The special or "holy" people were Abraham and Yahweh.
  • The Rabbis lead the synagogues.


  • Around 551 B.C.E., a Chinese philosopher named K'ung Fu-tzu thought that society could be perfect if everyone knew how to behave.
  • Their basic beliefs are that social order, harmony, and good government should be based on strong family relationships. They also believe that respect for parents and elders is important to a well-ordered society and that education is important both to the welfare of the individual and to society.
  • Some considered Confucius to be a god.
  • One thing he teaches is "When anger rises, think of the consequences."
  • Confucius traveled around trying to influence people with his ideas and Confucianism was slowly adopted.
  • This religion's Holy Books is The Confucian Classics and The Four Books.
  • K'ung Fu-tzu (Confucius) is the special person of this religion.


-In 580 BC, Siddhartha Gautama of Nepal went looking for enlightenment about life and death.

-Once Buddha attained enlightenment, he went around teaching people how to gain it which is what spread Buddhism.

-The holy book of Buddhism is the Tipitaka.

-They do not believe in a god.

-The "holy" person in Buddhism is Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha).

-Monks teach others or students about Buddhism.