Camparison of Word Religion

Jaylon McCaslan


It started when Muhammad came back.Yahweh(God) is the name of the judaism GOD.Abraham started judasim.It monotheistic.There bible is Hebrew Bible, including the torchLeadership is Rabbis. Mainly in the middleast.The 13 prebeles which what they did to study GOD and worship him and who GOD is.Judaism started 4000 years ago.It spread when christiantiy and islam spread.When Moses took the Jews outta of slavery an took them across the red sea. Judaism also belive in that there only one god that watches over them, god love them an protects his people an more.There 14.5 million that belive in judaism.


2 billion believe in Christianity.

The betrayed of Jesus by one of his disciple. Than the Son of God raised three days later.

When Jesus was born than the death an coming back to life. Over 2000 years ago.

Christianity is a monotheistic.

Christianity started in Jerusalem.

In Christianity very holy people is Moses, Jesus, God an more.

It develop out of Judaism an it spread out of the Roman Empire.

They had the holy bible.

Found by Jesus Christ.

The leadership is and down are priests, ministers,monks, and nuns.

By Jaylon McCaslan


There 820 million that believe in Hinduism.

No one know who really started.

Hinduism is polytheistic two gods are Krishna and Vinshu.

Hinduism started in India.

Vishnu the Preserver and destroyed by Lord Shiva. Since the universes must be destroyed before they can be recreated.

It spread by the travel of merchants.

It was no book it was sacred texts.

Some holy people was lord Shiva, lord Vishnu an more.

Leader is Guru, holy man, Brahmin priest.