Third Grade Thrills

with Mrs. Krajewski October 9, 2015

Note from Mrs. K.

It is hard to believe that it is mid October already! I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with all of you on the phone. There were a few of you that I was only able to leave messages. But most of you got back to me with any questions or comments. I find this parent/teacher connection important to best help your children! So thank you for your time!

Halloween is around the corner and we are planning some fun activities for the children to celebrate with. We are not having the traditional costume party. There will be a sign up for treats and supplies coming out soon. This is a whole third grade event. It will take place throughout the day on Halloween.

I am looking for help with some one on one math fact practice. I am asking for parents that would be willing to come in weekly for 15-20 minutes, to work with students on math facts. I am flexible on what time this is. It could be right away at the start of school or during math at 1:30-1:50. If you are interested please send me an email and I will work out a schedule. Please include a day of the week that you are available. I am hoping to start this within one to two weeks.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mrs. Krajewski

Reader's Workshop

Our first unit in reader’s workshop focuses on building a reading life. The children have been working hard at building their reading stamina. We have discussed how to pick books that are just right and how to become a faster reader. We have also discussed some strategies to use to comprehend what we are reading. This past week I also started reading with small strategy groups. This has a similar structure to Guided Reading. I may be sending books home, but more likely I am asking the kids to do their reading for strategy during workshop. We will be starting Unit 2 on Monday. It focuses on how character bring meaning to reading.

Science/Social Studies

We finished our science unit and we are starting our first social studies unit. We will be learning about communities.


RTI groups started on October 1st. The children are split between all five third grade teachers, Mrs. Crozier, our reading teacher and the two interventionist aides. All of us are working on literacy skills but most are specifically focusing on reading. RTI is from 3:05- 3:45 daily.

Mrs. Jayne Krajewski

Third Grade teacher, mother of two with my husband, Tom.