Juliet : External Conflict

People should not disobey the authority thats controls them

Act 1, Scene 3

In act one scene three Juliet shows the theme by disobeying her mother by saying, "Its a honor that I dream not of."(pg1007lines72) this shows Juliet disobeying her mother by basically rejecting her offer to marry Paris. Juliet chooses to disobey her mother because she is not ready for marriage. She feels she to young and needs more time to mature, and then goes off and marries Romeo ironically.

Act 2, Scene 2

In act two scene two Juliet expresses the theme by denying her father when saying, "Deny thy father and refuse thy name!"(pg.1025lines36) this shows her denying her father because she is talking to Romeo instead of Paris, the man she is supposed to marry. Juliet literally just does not care what her father thinks and refuses to marry Paris. Juliet later says she would rather die than marry Paris. In do time that very thing actually happens.

Act 5, Scene 3

In act five scene three Juliet projects the theme by killing her self when this text was said, "Yea noise? Then I'll be brief. O happy dagger!"(pg1097lines182) this shows the theme because if Juliet would of obeyed her mother and father and married Paris she would not have died, and committed suicide. Juliet was so depressed about loosing Romeo and angry is the reason why she killed her self.

Theme: Act 2, Scene 6

In act two scene six Romeo expresses the theme when talking to Juliet when saying, "Ah, Juliet if your as happy as I am, and you're better with words tell me about the happiness you imagine well have in our marriage."(online.pg2lines2-5) this shows Romeo disobeying basically all of his family that do not agree to marrying a Capulet. In the big scheme of things if Romeo and his girlfriend did not break up none of this non sense would of occurred. If you think about it Juliet was a rebound for Romeo.

Tyler Mihai Gray



Adv. English 6th period

December 10, 2014