Can it really destroy your life?

How Do You Get Tay-Sachs?

This disease is really rare and can only be gave to you by a parent from passing down genes. Parents carry a defective gene and a in active gene. If the parent passes the defective gene down to the child the child will be unharmed. If the child gets the active gene it will have Tay-Sachs. If the parents pass down both defective genes the child will have a 25% chance of Tay-Sachs but is still a carrier.

How You Can Tell If You Have Tay-Sachs

People who are carrying or not carrying Tay-Sachs can take a blood test to see if they have it. People who have it have less Hex-A in their body fluids then people who don't have it.

What Can Doctors Do?

They can give you medicine and medication for this disorder. You can have Physical care or treatment.

Two More Facts

People who get Tay-Sachs only live to their early childhood. Tay-Sachs can be passed down by a family member.