BSES After School Activities

November 5, 2018

New Pick-up Locations for BSES After School Activities (Starts on Thursday, 11/8)!

Through our Building Advisory Council (BAC) parents brought forth a concern about safety during pick-up for after school activities. In order to promote a safer, more orderly pick-up, we will separate pick-up areas. There will be three different pick-up locations:

  1. Front of Building: Parents will remain in vehicles and line up along the pavement at the front of the building with vehicles pointed toward the Bethel Road side of the school. As each vehicle is loaded, proceed forward toward Bethel Road side of the building and head to exit onto Foulk Road.
  2. Kindergarten Pick-up Area: This is the old Kindergarten pick-up location at the left side of the building (on your left when approaching the building from Foulk Road). Enter the driveway from Foulk Road. Where the driveway splits left or right, turn left and then form a line along the loop that is located near the small playground. Parents will remain in vehicles and, when vehicle is loaded, proceed along the driveway on that same side of the building to head toward exit to Foulk Road.
  3. Gym Pick-up Line: This is the location for our general daily afternoon pick-up. When entering the property from Foulk Road bear right and follow the drive way until your vehicle is lined up along the pavement next to the gym and facing Foulk Road. Parents will remain in vehicles, and when vehicle is loaded, proceed forward to exit to Foulk Road.

The chart below indicates the pick-up area for each activity. This will begin on Thursday, 11/8. Please do not park your vehicle to get out to retrieve students. Remaining in your vehicle in line will create safer conditions. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. We hope this will be a safer, more orderly situation for all involved.

Mr. Piasecki and Mrs. Allen

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