The Knightly News, March, 2017

Please Take Note!

We have sent home a letter from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living regarding Mumps in Manitoba. If your child has not given that letter to you, please make sure that you check the backpack or ask your child about that letter. It contains important information for you to read regarding the outbreak of mumps in Manitoba, and what can be done to avoid the spread of this disease.
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Tuesday, March 7th - Board of Trustees Public Meeting (7:30 p.m.) at HSD Office

Thursday, March 9th - SRSS Grade 8 Orientation Tour/Transition Day

Thursday, March 9th, 6:30-8:30 - Grade 8 Parent Orientation evening at SRSS

Friday, March 10th - Administration Day (No Classes)

Sunday, March 12th - Daylight Savings Time Begins! (Sorry, you lose an hour of sleep!)

Monday, March 13th - End of Term 2

Tuesday, March 14th - Grade 8 Basketball Championships

Thursday, March 16th - Grade 5/6 Field Trip to WSO/MB Museum

Friday, March 17th - Second Term Report Cards

Monday, March 20th - Grade 5/6 Choir at SEMF (1:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, March 21st - Grade 7/8 Choir at SEMF (10:00 a.m.)

Wednesday, March 22nd - Parent Teacher Interviews, 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Friday, March 24th - Last day of classes before Spring Break

March 27th to 31st - SPRING BREAK

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Grade 9 Registration at Steinbach Regional Secondary School

The Time is Almost Here!

First Week of March: SRSS Guidance Counsellor Visit/Presentation at SMS for students. The counsellor will bring the Grade 9 registration forms when she comes to the school, and they will be given to the students.

Thursday, March 9th: Grade 8 Transition Day. All Grade 8 students will spend a half day at the SRSS learning about the programs that are available to them just prior to course registration. More information about this day has been emailed to Grade 8 parents from the SRSS.

March 9th, evening: Parent Orientation Meeting, 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the SRSS Gold Gym. There will be an open house after the meeting to allow you to explore the school.

March 23rd: Registration Forms due.

Registrations should be handed in to Mrs. Rita Rebizant, Principal at Stonybrook Middle School. Cheques MUST be made payable to STEINBACH REGIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL (SRSS). If a receipt is needed, indicate that with an attached note, and we will send you a receipt upon processing your registration.

SRSS Website:

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Rebizant at 204-326-6481 or

Southeast Music Festival

Our Choirs will be performing at the Steinbach Mennonite Church on Loewen Boulevard for the Southeast Music Festival. Grade 5/6 Choir will be performing on Monday, March 20th at 1:00 p.m.. Grade 7/8 Choir will be performing on Tuesday, March 21st at 10:00 a.m.

You are welcome to come and enjoy their performances!

I Love to Read Month Recap!

I Love to Read month was a huge success once again!

* Buddy Reading with Southwood School

* Nine out of sixteen homerooms read more than 100 hours

* Spelling Bee Winners - Grade 5 - Janae T, Grade 6 - Andrew T , Grade 7 - Kian T, Grade 8 - Lexi T.

* Pajama Day with special guest reader, Michelle Sawatzky

* Students shared their reading with book covers on the walls

* Three students won Guess the Reader!

And...Speaking of Mrs. Rebizant...

We are pleased to announce that she has become our Permanent Principal (as opposed to the Interim Principal title she has had most of the year). We are excited that she will be in this position! Congratulations Mrs. Rebizant on your appointment.

Grade 8 Extreme Sledding Competition Results

Four students from Grade 8 attended the Extreme Sledding Competition hosted by Skills Canada in Winnipeg on February 15th. We are pleased to announce that our team came in FIRST place! Congratulations to the team, and to Mr. Tyler North, our Woods teacher, who led them in this endeavour.

Play Every Day!

Every morning between 8:30 and 9:00, students have the opportunity to have “free gym”. The Grade 5 and 6 students play on days 1, 3 and 5 while the Grade 7 and 8 students have days 2, 4 and 6. Staff supervise games like floor hockey, basketball, beach volleyball, or just let the students pick what they want to do. It’s a great way to start the day. In addition to their regular physical education, students are also given gym time with extra phys ed, which ensures that all students “play” for at least 30 minutes per day.

Taking time to play every day is good for the body and great for the brain!


If your address or phone number changes over the school year, please let us know.

If your email address has changed or you have acquired an email address, we would appreciate receiving that information. Email is an excellent form of communication between parent and teacher and we would like to keep you updated on the progress of your child.

Click on the Stonybrook website by viewing and find email links to your child’s teacher to stay in touch.

Follow us on Twitter @StonybrookHSD for updates on school events or other school news!


Security cameras are installed both inside and outside of the school. These cameras help monitor many areas on the school grounds (ex. bicycle racks). These cameras help make Stonybrook Middle School a safer school for your child.

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Smartphone Safety

In a relatively short time, cell phones have evolved from a traditional phone to something that now resembles all the features provided on your personal computer, video and music system. As advancements continue with mobile technology, it is important that parents view these devices in the same way as personal computers in the home. For their own protection, children need to be guided on both the advantages and risks of new technology.

For information on how to keep your child safe in using this technology and other helpful topics, please visit

Interested in Southeast Storm Basketball?

Registration is now open!! Deadline to register is March 4, 2017. You can register on their website,

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