Project 4

Creating, Evaluating, and Revising Online Treasure Hunts

Instructor Information

Instructor Name Linda Wapelhorst

Course Name Instructional Technology

Course Number ED222

Curriculum Framing Questions

Essential Question:
  • How can teachers create, evaluate, and revise online treasure hunts to meet the learning objectives of the lesson plan?

Unit/Content Questions:
  • How can teachers identify content specific websites to support their lesson plan?

  • What questions can teachers ask related to the online treasure hunt to ensure students learn the content using higher level thinking skills?

  • What support materials should teachers use to guide students through the online treasure hunt?

Unit Summary

This activity will allow students the opportunity to explore the internet for content specific sites related to their lesson plan. Students will develop an online treasure hunt worksheet to explore and enhance learning of the content objectives in their lesson plan or another lesson plan of their choice (objectives must be included).

Subjects Area(s)

Education and Technology

Grade Level

Pre-Service Teachers/Post Secondary Education

Lesson Objectives:

  1. Find content specific websites related to the lesson plan topic.
  2. Develop questions related to the websites that will address the learning objectives of a lesson plan or another chosen lesson plan.
  3. Develop a guided worksheet to formulate an online treasure hunt related to a lesson plan.
  4. Evaluate one treasure hunt created by students in the ED 222 class.
  5. Revise the treasure hunt based upon peer evaluation.


  1. Students will begin by finding and exploring the content specific websites related to their lesson plan or another chosen lesson plan topic.

  2. Choose three to four websites to formulate content questions specific to the website AND to address or practice the learning objectives of the lesson plan.

  3. Develop and word process a guided worksheet. Save this file in your Project 4 folder.

  4. Convert your file to a .pdf. The .pdf will ensure that all students can open your treasure hunt. If you do not have software to convert to a pdf use this site to convert your file to a pdf.

  5. You must include the following in your treasure hunt:
  • a. The Kansas State standards your Treasure Hunt addresses (copy and paste these from Kansas Common Core Standards)
  • b. Directions for completing the treasure hunt. Be sure your directions to students are very clear and written in student friendly language.
  • c. Content related graphics to "jazz up" the appearance of your treasure hunt
  • d. 1 - 4 questions for each website. The questions should be listed with the website.
  • e. One overall “think-about-it” critical thinking question to tie the information together or to APPLY the knowledge gained.
  • IMPORTANT: Your final question must be a higher level “think about it” question requiring students to analyze, synthesize, create, or evaluate all of the information gathered in the treasure hunt.

6. Submit your treasure hunt as an attachment (a PDF) in the Project 4 First Draft dropbox on or before the due date on the assignment page. Be sure to review the the Project 4 Rubric before you submit.

7. Email a classmate and request that they review your project. Please be open to reviewing one or two classmates' projects. Let's help each other succeed.

8. Revise your treasure hunt based upon the input you received from your peers.

9. Review the Project 4 Grading Rubric, located in the Project 4 Assignment, to self-evaluate your assignment prior to submitting your revised treasure hunt by the due date.

Approximate Time Needed

Dependant upon individual students

Prerequisite Skills

Prior knowledge of the internet; Knowledge on how to operate a mouse and keyboarding skills.


Use of computer with Internet to complete the online treasure hunt and/or type the worksheet and evaluation tool.

Internet Resources

Varies from student to student.

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

  • Special Needs Student: Extended work time, personnel support from the Special Needs Department

  • Non-Native Speaker: Internet sites in the native language, tutoring outside the classroom.

  • Honors Students: This class does not have an honors option.

Student Assessment

Assessment will occur through completed treasure hunt worksheet . On-going assessment will occur when students present their lessons to actual classrooms of students with cooperating teachers.