Q2 Stylist Incentive

Earn Cash Monthly and a chance to WIN an iPad

NEW Sample Discount Coupon!

I love the Season Switchover Strategy where you can earn $500 in samples for only $99 when you sell $2,000 retail, cumulatively over each seasonal quarter.

Because I think that this is key to the happiness of the very much part-time stylist as well as the full time stylist,I have decided to add to this strategy. So that we can learn to stretch our selling muscles and obtain this easily every quarter! This incentive is for Q2 (April, May, June) ONLY.

Who doesn't love the idea of $600 Retail in Product Credit for $99, plus Business Supply Credit to get the new season Look Books not to mention your commissions, when the Fall 2014 Releases Mid July!

Here is how you can earn a CASH BONUS from me


Not only can you earn $$$ in Product Credit while in your Jumpstart you can Double Dip using the Season Switchhover Strategy! Get set to LOVE your Stella & Dot Biz!

Want a chance to WIN an iPad? Why not bring a couple friends along in the business with you and let us help you train them and you will be entered! (See information below)

Season Switchover Strategy

Must be logged into your lounge for all of the
411 on your Season Switchover Stragegy

Want the chance to WIN an iPAD

Everyone that has $1500 monthly in Retail Sales during the Q2 selling season and sponsors and Jumpstart qualifies 2 new stylist will be entered into a drawing for an iPad!

$1500 Each Month-April, May, June + Sponsor and Jumpstart Qualify 2 New Stylist


If you have received this email then you are either on my 1st line or your sponsor is relatively new to leadership. If you have questions about how you can earn and maximize this incentive give your sponsor or me a call!

Karen Smith - Star - (407) 488-3553
Ashlee Roberson - Lead Stylist - (386) 481-4905
Su Sheridan - Lead Stylist - (407) 657-2555
Rosanna Rivera Sanchez - Lead Stylist - (787) 231-5894
Nicole Augeri - Lead Stylist - (407) 247-6925
Maria Maunez - Lead Stylist - (407) 748-5928