Sparkling Roses Monthly Newsletter

December 2014

Team Stats

Team Sales: $10,222.93

Parties: 24

Average Party: $426

Team Members: 19

Jennifer's Stats

Sales: $1,189

Parties: 3

Average Party: $396

Consultant Paycheck: $297

Director Paycheck: $606

*I share this with you not to brag but to show you what leadership can do for your business.

Top Sellers and Recruiters

Top Sellers -

Melodie Bishop: $1,810.63

Sarah Dirzuweit: $1,205.39

Allison Ross: $905.72

Top Recruiters-

Welcome to our newest members

None for December


No Promotions

January Key Dates and Events

January Customer Special

January is double month! We get 2 customer specials this month! After your customer spends $35 she can choose either the Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote for only $10 or the brand new All About the Benjamins Jewell by 31 wallet for only $20. Both are a savings of over $20 and if customers spend $70 they can pick 2

January Hostess Special

The Hostess Special for January is Double Hostess Credit! In years past we had double hostess credit twice a year but in 2014 it was in January only so this may be the only chance your customers get to double their credit. First the party has to reach $600 before credit will double. Make sure your hostess knows that and help them reach that goal. Help them get outside orders before and after the party. Make sure they get to that double credit line and get twice as much free credit they can!

Double Diamond Sales Incentive

As you kick off 2015 by sharing DOUBLE Hostess Credit and the TWO great styles of our Customer Special, you’ll also be working your way toward earning TWO new Jewell by Thirty-One styles for free! It’s all part of the new Double Diamond Sales Incentive! By submitting $600 Personal Volume (PV) between Dec. 30 and Jan. 31, you can earn the mini Diamond District and if you submit $1,800 in PV you will earn BOTH the mini AND the full size Diamond District. Why do you want to earn them, beside the fact that earning FREE Thirty One is always the best? Because

  • BOTH purses will be featured in the Feb. 1-March 15 Customer Special.
  • The Mini Diamond District is an exclusive style ONLY available during that six-week special. And this incentive is the only way to get it in your hands for free!
  • The Diamond District purse is a great booking tool! You can use it all season long to encourage Hostesses to book a party and earn it for FREE and half off using Hostess Rewards. And once you have it, you’ll be able to share it with Customers while offering it for 50% off during the February/March Special.

Start Something New Recruiting Incentive

With so many new opportunities with Thirty-One, now until March 15 is the time to grow your team AND your business!

New conversations, new product offerings and of course, new and even greater opportunities to party. With all the exciting new announcements about Jewell by Thirty-One™ and JK by Thirty-One™ plus all the amazing newness in the 2015 Spring/Summer Catalog, there’s no better time to bring new Consultants onto your team and into the Thirty-One family.

We're so confident your recruits are going to love Thirty-One and be successful entrepreneurs, that we're putting OUR money on it!

When a new Consultant joins your team during this incentive period (Dec. 16 - March 15), she receives all of the great product and tools included in the Thirty-One Enrollment Kit AND has the opportunity to earn reimbursement for that kit ($99 US)†. All she needs to qualify is a submission of $1,000* within her first 30 days. That's a $99 refund! PLUS all the income she earns from her sales.

Start something new. Start something big! Share with your recruits about the fun, freedom and opportunities with joining the Thirty-One family.

Gives Heart Icon

A new icon is available for a limited time only, The Gives Heart Icon. It is like our other special limited edition icons in that it is available only on certain products and only for a certain time. It is stunning! I love that the heart is filled in and it says loved under the side. Make sure you share this limited opportunity with your customers. It is only $10 and that's $2.50 commission for you, so go out and share the love.

Celebrate & Connect

Time is running out for you to register for the February Celebrate & Connect Meeting. Registration is open until Thursday, Jan. 15. Meetings will be held Feb. 16-22 so mark your calendar! This is one meeting you do NOT want to miss!

Strong Start Calls

Don't forget every Monday at 8pm and every Tuesday at 9pm you can call in and get help from a Director in our NED family on starting your business off right.