Culturally Relevant Inspiration

Project-based learning


Benjamin Franklin Elementary School located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois which is in the western suburbs of Chicago. Project-based learning that immerses in the 21st Century skills. Franklin students’ development of collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills. Students are “evolving in their group work, and they’re taking control of the role they play when they work with other students.


Franklin Elementary School is made up of 79.8 White, 2.4 Black, 8.3 Hispanic, Asian 4.3. Class size


24.7, 1st, 24.0 2nd 24.0, 3rd 21.0, 4th 27.8, 5th 28.5


“Throughout the project, teachers provided appropriate scaffolding to facilitate students’ creativity and ingenuity” (Partnership for 21st Century Skills. “n.d.” List of examplar schools 1622. para.9). The teachers create a learning environment that encourages the children to take the initiative to explore the different learning domains in the class. The teachers have adapted the method of the 4C’s of 21st century leadership skills which allows deeper learning for the children.


Every child is born with the potential of being creative. Creativity is a crucial aspect of any personality. It helps to analyze things in diverse and uncommon way. Creativity does not just happen; it needs to be cultivated, and the cultivation of creativity in every kid starts from the classroom.


Culturally relevant pedagogy exist through teachers allowing children to make choices, problem (solve, take responsibility for their learning, self-directed learning and scaffolding. Teachers relate the learning to real life experiences and connect the home culture with school.


large traditional public high school in the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, in Indianapolis. Rising to the challenge of providing high quality offerings to a mostly low-income student population, the school’s strong leadership has embedded 21st century learning throughout, and is pushing online and digital learning


demographics information in the school over 3.600 students from 9-12 grade. 50%+ minority and 63% Low income student population.70-80% of the student population at Warren Central is on free or reduced.
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The school has an impressive 21st century learning environment with an integrated Career Center and state-of-the-art media labs. The school prides itself on providing extended learning opportunities for all students that Associate Principal Emily Brown says “affects kids in a very meaningful way.”
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The learning experience reflect culturally relevant pedagogy in a variety of ways. Teachers work with students to modify the learning to help students achieve success. Teachers build on prior knowledge of the students and incorporate technology to aid in building needed skills. Students participate is designing the learning spaces in the school and the high school students take on the role of mentoring the elementary students and help them learn how to use technology.

P21 Case Study: Warren Central High School

Creativity Culture and Global Context in Education Deision Making

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