Teen Issues


Peer Pressure

When teens are influenced by people around them and letting others make them do something they really don't want to do. Teens are mostly influenced by bad influenced but it depends on the level of strong stance that's inside of the teen. Around the world, 9% of teens report they would give up using a cell phone if they friends do the same. 23% of teen girls feel pressured to have sexual intercourse. Also, 33% of teen boys ages 15-17 feel pressured to have sexual intercourse. 55% of teens tried drugs because they felt pressured by their friend. Lastly, 70% of teens who smoke say they started because they friends smoke or felt peer pressure to start smoking.
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To imitate someone typically to force them into doing something they really don't want to do. Most teens are afraid to step up to a bully. At least 65.8% of teens have responded to the bullies. (35% responding in person.15.4% of teens avoided school. 4.5% of teens have been in physical fights with their bullies. Most bullies are reacting from a sense of anger.
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How to Avoid These Teen Issues:


Someone has feelings of severe despondency and dejection. The cause of depression can result in teens thinking they are ugly, to big, to skinny, or etc. Around the world at least 10 to 15 percent of teens are depressed at any time. Many teens suffer from depression in their lifetime also, 8.3% of teens suffer depression for at least a year at a time, compared to about 5.3 percent of the general population.
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Self Acceptance

Teens are not accepting themselves for who they are are what they have become. Most teens do not get shown love which will cause them to have not have self acceptance. 75% of girls with low esteem reported engaging in negative activities like cutting,bullying,drinking, or disordered eating. In the environment, 44% of girls and 15% of guys are attempting to lose weight. Also, over 70% of girls age 15-17 avoid daily activities like going to school, when they feel bad about their looks.
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Texting and Driving

Many teens will take their focus off of the highway just to send a message which will cause many teens to die. Texting and driving can also relate to peer pressure. Many teens do this just because they friends do it. Teens can either by influenced by good or bad influence. IN the world, 90% of teens have talked on a cell phone while driving. At least, 78% of teens have sent a text message while driving. Over 3,000 teens die each year because of texting and driving.
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