Kepler 16b

Rachel Hollywood & Celia Damminger

Some things about Kepler 16b...

Radius: 0.754

Diameter: 1.508

Average distance from its Sun: 65 million miles (104.6 million km)

Average temperature: -100 to -150 degrees Fahrenheit

Length of day: unknown

Length of year: 229

Number of moons: zero

Number of rings: zero

How old would you be if you lived on your on Kepler 16b? answer: 17 years old

Questions and Answers

The value of "g" (acceleration due to gravity) is: 0.000000009

On our planet we would weigh: 0.00000099

The distance from Earth to the planet Kepler 16b is 200 light years.

How long would it take yo travel to your planet? answer: 2,000 years

How old would you be?

We would be 23 years old.

Any questions you may have.....


Is it cold there?

How would you be warm?

Is it cool there?

How many years has it existed?

Interesting facts about our planet

1. Kepler is 200 light years from Earth.

2. Kepler is an orange dwarf planet. (69%)

3. Kepler is the first known planet to orbit 2 stars.

Three problems that you would experience if you tried to live on your planet?

1. Its extremely cold

2. It takes 2,000 years to get to.

3. It orbits its star every 3 days. This can be a problem.

Overcome these problems?

1. We have these suits that can keep you warm, called "The Special Suits."

2. We built a rocket ship that can take you to the planet in 2 years instead of 2,000 years.

3. We made special lights for when its dark out and when you need light.

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