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April 4, 2016

Senior Announcements

Tuesday (4/5) seniors will meet in Jones gym to have the group pictures made for The Decatur Daily in graduation gowns.

  • Gentlemen, you MUST wear a WHITE (that's WHITE), COLLARED shirt with a tie of your choice.
  • Ladies, please wear a collarless top with a V-neck, or rounded neck, so that the color doesn't show under your gown. All seniors need to be with the senior class on Monday and Tuesday.

Calhoun College will be here on Wednesday, the 6th in the guidance office to register students for both Summer and Fall terms! See them for any questions! You must have teacher permission to see them.

Prom is on April 16: See Mrs. Partain for tickets!

Austin's Star Seniors 2016

What is STAR SENIOR? It is an award to recognize students who are actively involved in Austin High School through academics, band, athletics, drama, chorus, clubs, community service groups , student leadership, and honor societies.

Each senior has the opportunity complete a four page application listing all of the activities at Austin High School and indicated the ones they participated in during all four years at Austin High School. Teachers sign to confirm their participation and points are awarded based on their involvement. GPA is also part of the point total and will be multiplied by ten giving a student with a 3.2 GPA 32 points on their total. Students are awarded based on their point totals. There is not a voting component to this award.

The faculty is extremely proud to be a part of this ceremony. Each student will indicate a list of 5 teachers who have made a difference during their time at AHS. One person from that list will present the student with a medal to indicate membership in this year’s STAR SENIORS of AHS.

Star Senior (Star Teacher selected by the student)

Alwyn Ambrose (Mr. Clay Sloan)

Nicole Archer (Mrs. Beth Stough)

Saisha Awasthi (Mr. Jake Miles)

Caroline Berry (Mrs. Shellie Burgreen)

Hannah Braudaway (Mrs. Heather Tucker)

Julian Bronaugh (Mrs. Mae Edwards)

Courtney Brown (Mrs. Joy Dixon)

Benjamin Cooper (Mrs. Christy Johns)

Avery Cordell (Mrs. Michelle Partain)

Alyssa Donahoo (Mrs. Sloan Smith)

Aakansha Gosain (Mrs. Sandra Barrett)

Kaylah Gupton (Mrs. Kelly Elmore)

Tori Ho (Mr. Zac Cameron)

Hannah Hogan (Mrs. Michelle Partain)

Cara Humphries (Mrs. Susan Thompson)

Dana Jones (Ms. Cheri Page)

Rucha Patel (Ms. Jeanne Ellen Stroh)

Devan Payne (Ms. Cheri Page)

Abbey Pendley (Mrs. Ann Faulk)

Katie Spillers (Mrs. Alesia Doran)

Briley Strawder (Mrs. Deana Olinger)

Kevin Turner (Mr. Jason Simmons)

Matthew Voss (Mr. Kevin Shannon)

Andie Wall (Mr. Nil Makwana)

Jalyn Wallin (Mrs. Tina Lawrence)

Senior Recognition on our Electronic Sign

COST $25.00

Contact: Debbie Kirby

Return the form to Debbie Kirby along with payment OR you may pay using ONLINE-ePayment through the link on the AHS home page.

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The AHS Drama Department will present THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE April 7th, 8th and 9th. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, the show is at 7. On Saturday, there is also a matinée at 2. General admission is $7. The play is set during the roaring 20s: the decade of prohibition, and the dawn of the "modern woman" whose hair AND skirts got shorter. This story follows Millie Dillmount's adventures from her slow life in Kansas to the fast pace in New York, bringing together a world of tapping office workers, scheming out-of-work actresses, and finding love in the most unusual way. Come support your classmates (and students) and bring a friend. It will be an adventure you will be SURE to enjoy!!!!!!

Miss Basketball Finalist

Tyra Johnson has been chosen as a finalist for Alabama's Miss Basketball. She will be attending the lunch in Montgomery on April 6th. Congrats to Tyra!!

May I have your autograph?

Katie Speegle, an Austin star basketball athlete, was approached by a West Decatur student for her autograph. The young lady came to every game this year!
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Austin's Got Talent

Austin's Got Talent. Do you have talent? We want to see how talented our Black Bears are. Get your acts together and get ready to perform in the Austin's Got Talent show to win prizes. Registration forms will be available this week, starting on Wed. through Fri. in the cafeteria during lunch

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ASPIRE ASSESSMENT for 10th graders

The 10th grade ASPIRE assessment is on Tuesday, April 12th and Wednesday, April 13th. Please come prepared to do your best!
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John Baylor Test Prep

We seek to create two and four-year College graduates with minimal debt. Thus, we are bringing proven, entertaining ACT Preparation, John Baylor Prep (JBP), to all AHS Students.

Higher ACT scores can mean larger college scholarships. The average score increase from JBP is about two points, an amount that can save your family thousands in college costs and improve your child’s college choices. We hope that many of our students will join the “five point jump club”.

Each AHS student individually will have full access at school and at home to all the JBP ACT Prep sessions, additional Prep materials, and college counseling content.

Again, your student will have unlimited access to all the JBP content at school and at home: Additional English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing Prep. Parents are also encouraged to access the JBP college counseling videos. Increasing your knowledge of this whole process will help our counseling office help you secure the best fit college for your child without taking too much debt. In the meantime, please watch Become a Two or Four-Year College Grad with Minimal Debt using the link below:

Login Information for Students

We are excited to do even more to maximize your child’s chance to get into his or her best fit college at the lowest cost and to become a college graduate with minimal debt. Thanks for helping us ensure students prioritize this course and test.

To login visit

Username: DCS assigned gmail address (

Password: lunch number (if the lunch number only 4 – digits the student should add a 0to the END – 12340)

Spring 2016 Exam Schedule (special exam days for seniors listed separately)

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Absences and Exemptions

Here are some clarifications on our exemption policy. This is the same policy we've had for years:

-same amount of exemptions per classification for each semester

-if a student has over 5 absences in a class he or she can't exempt (excused or unexcused)

-any unauthorized absence that would result in a student not being able to exempt will be handled by the student receiving an "ineligible to exempt" form as we have done in the past

-absences count from January-May (unless it is a term class and gave exams at the 9 weeks)

National Art Honor Society

National ART Honor Society members need to get their $10 dues in to Mrs. Bachuss as soon as possible. Honor cords for seniors are $13, and if you paid for cords but didn't pay dues, you need to get your dues to Mrs. Bachuss.

Spanish Honor Society

Spanish Honor Society needs to turn in their service hours to Mrs. Turner or Mrs. Lyles by Friday, April 8th.

First Priority

First Priority will meet tomorrow morning at 7:45 in the chorus room. We will have biscuits and everyone is invited!

Camp LEAP for 9th-11th graders

Are you interested in health professions? Then the 2016 Camp L.E.A.P (Learning Everything About Patients) program at Calhoun this summer, sponsored by the North Alabama Area Health Education Center is a great opportunity for you.

See Mrs. Jackson in guidance for more details.

Girls State and Boys State

Attention juniors: are you interested in government or politics? Then Girls State or Boys State on the University of Alabama- Tuscaloosa campus may be a great opportunity for you this summer! Get more information and sign up in the guidance office.

AHS travels to Europe

The Informational meeting for the 2018 Europe trip will meet Tuesday, April 5th at 6:00 PM in room E-14.
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ePay makes it easy for your send payments from home for:

  • T-shirts
  • Senior Recognition
  • Club Dues

Click on the button below to go to our ePay site.

Volleyball Fundraiser

“Simply Austin-the tie that binds us” tee shirts are now on sale. The cost and design of the shirt can be found on the AHS website and AHS app. Order forms can be found outside Coach Lawrence’s room S-210 and all teachers were emailed the order forms. Deadline to order is April 8th.

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Cure MS T-shirts

HOSA is selling t-shirts to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society in honor of one of our own, Mrs. Sloan Smith. The shirts are $15 each and the deadline to order is April 18.

We are also planning to walk at the MS Walk in Huntsville April 30 if you would like to join us.

Why "Keep S'meyelin"?

When someone has MS, the immune system attacks the myelin sheath (covering) of nerves which causes a disruption in the communication between the brain and the body. The shirt says "Keep S'myelin" because we hope they find a way to keep the myelin sheath intact and cure MS forever!

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(Meeting and order dates are subject to change. Listen & watch for announcements regarding dates and times.)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 10:00 AM - Jones Gym

The Decatur Daily Senior Class pictures will be taken

ALL 2016 Austin Seniors wear your graduation gowns, but NO caps or tassels.

Boys: Wear a WHITE shirt with your choice of tie, dark pants and dark shoes.

Girls: Wear a collarless shirt with pants, or collarless dress, and dark shoes

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 10:00 AM - Jones Gym

Class of 2016 Panoramic Picture taken. Wear regular school clothes for this photo.

Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 7:00 PM - Auditorium (tentative)

Senior Honors Night

Those being recognized will receive notification through the guidance office/Mr. Lewis White

Friday, May 20, 2016 - 8:30 AM (tentative) - Auditorium

MANDATORY Baccalaureate Practice

You will be notified of the number of tickets you will receive to graduation during this practice.

This is also when you may fill out requests for handicapped seating at Graduation.

Sunday, May 22, 2016 - 7:00 PM - Auditorium

MANDATORY Baccalaureate Service. Seniors report to cafeteria by 5:30 pm

Reception with light refreshments for graduates and families – Cafeteria (afterwards)


Senior Picnic sponsored by AHS PTSA – AHS front lawn

Monday, May 23, 2016 - 1:00 till 3:00 PM

MANDATORY Graduation Practice – Calhoun

You will sign and receive your allotted tickets for graduation at the end of practice.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 5:30 PM – Calhoun

Report to Calhoun, and be in assigned seat by 4:00PM.

Doors will be open for the public at 4:30 for early entry tickets and 4:55 for late entry tickets.

Boys: WHITE shirt, tie, black pants, black shoes, cap, gown & tassel

Girls: BLACK skirt w/top or dress (no collar), black CLOSED TOE shoes, cap, gown & tassel

No large hoop or dangling earrings or necklaces.

Mrs. Susan Thompson, sponsor / Lewis White, Sr. counselor