Periscope by Twitter

Live Feeds to Join or Create!

Why Periscope? Live-streaming video apps are having there time in the limelight.

Periscope, a new app as of March 2015, lets people live-stream from their phones to anyone who wants to watch.

The app, which Twitter reportedly acquired for around $100 million earlier this year, was immediately put to use, following the collapse of a building in New York City’s East Village, as bystanders streamed live videos of first responders on the scene. At one point, one stream showed more than 600 people tuning in to watch.

You can watch Periscope videos through the app on your iPhone or on your desktop browser. (There isn't an Android app yet, but it’s in development.) People viewing the broadcast can instantly send comments, and you can tap the screen -- the way you would when you “like" a photo on Instagram -- to send a heart to the person broadcasting. These hearts float up on the right side of the broadcast.

Periscope: Twitter's Live Stream App (Tutorial)

The Challenge

1. Watch the above YouTube video.

2. Download the app to your iPhone/iPad.

3. Brainstorm two ways you could use this in your class.

3. Tweet out your ideas to: #HeritageExplorers #HEtechChallenges

4. If you join or create a live Periscope feed, please tweet out before the event so others can come along with you on the journey.