Alexander Hamilton

By: Catrina Miller


Alexander Hamilton was one of the boldest and most creative thinkers of his time. He was orphaned as a young child, he fathered 7 children and took part in the Revolutionary War.

Alexander Hamilton was elected to the Continental Congress. Hamilton became a founding father of the state, he was also one of the authors of the federalist papers. Then Hamilton joined the continental army.

Early life

Have you ever wondered where and when Alexander Hamilton was born? Hamilton was born Jan 11, 1755 ( that's what a court document states ) but Hamilton thinks he was born Jan 11, 1757. Hamilton was born on an island called Nevis, which is part of the West Indies. Hamilton had an older brother named James Hamilton. Hamilton's father, James A. Hamilton, left when he was only 8 years old. Hamilton's, mother Rachel Fawcett Lavien, died when he was 13 years old of high fever. After Hamilton's mother died, he and his brother lived with a cousin for a short while. Afterwards Alexander befriended Reverend Hugh Knox who persuaded him to go to college in the colonies at Kings College, which would later change its name to Colombia University, where he studied mathematics.

Hamilton's family



Hamilton's parents were James A. Hamilton and Rachel Fawcett Lavien. Elizabeth's parents were Phillip Schuyler and Catherine Van Rensselaer Schuyler. December 14, 1780 in Albany, New York Hamilton married Elizabeth Schuyler. Two years fter being married they had their first son Phillip, named after Elizabeth's father. A few years after Phillip was born, they had 6 more children. Their names were Angelicia, Alexander Jr., James, John Church, and Eliza.

The war

Alexander Hamilton was a Continental Army Officer during the Revolutionary War. Hamilton fought in the battles of Long Island, White Plains, and Trenton. With Washington's permission Hamilton led a victorious charge against the British in the battle of Yorktown. A few years later Hamilton resigned from the army in March of 1781. After Hamilton resigned from the army he became the first Secretary of the Treasury. While Hamilton was secretary he challenged then Vice President Arron Burr to a duel. Although Hamilton shot first, he missed. He was then hit in the stomach with Burr's first shot. Hamilton sadly died the following afternoon on January 11, 1804.


In conclusion that is all I can tell you about Alexander Hamilton. Now you know Hamilton led a victorious battle in the battle of Yorktown, was the first secretary of treasury, and died in a duel against Arron Burr. He was also left as a child and was a father to 7 children. Last he went to Columbia college and was married to Elizabeth Schuyler. You can find more on


Continental Army - A Revolutionary Army authorized by the Continental Congress also led by George

Continental Congress - two legislative congresses during and after the Revolutionary War

Victorious - having achieved a victory

Duel - a fight between two people, fought with deadly weapons

Boldest - not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger



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