Targeted Groups

By: Jenny Tatum

Overview of Holocaust

The holocaust was one of the most brutal events in history. There were riots, murders, and abusive conditions. Many people died. And many people were targeted. Jews were not the only group that were ambushed either. They killed adults, young adults, teenagers, children, and even innocent babies. Prosecutions spanned from Jews, to criminals, to the innocent homosexuals.

Definition/Background Information

Hitler was a very crazy man. He went from Killing to having others kill for him. Everyone was jumping on the bandwagon to kill the most popular group, which is the Jewish community. Even though the Jewish were the most popular persecuted groups of the holocaust, they were certainly not the only ones. Although Hitler wasn't really a native German, he went for the kill anyways. He really wasn't targeting any particular group, but he was obviously messed up in the head and needed help.

Original Research Question

Who were the targeted groups and why would they be targeted?

The targeted groups were women, men, children, elders, and anyone that Hitler decided needed to be killed. He targeted gypsies, homosexuals, criminals, and many more people. He did not care who or what they did or didn't do. But they were bad people in his eyes and to him, they deserved to die. Back when the people decided that homos were to be killed, they were not always in fear of the death to come, but stood up for themselves. They were targeted because they weren't normal and weren't like Hitler was. They weren't like all the people that weren't targeted were.


"There are very few monsters. But for sure, Hitler was one of them. The holocaust was the most evil crime committed in the history of the crimes committed." -Jenny Tatum


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