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October 2018 edition

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* Learn about the Password Reset process

* It's iPad refresh for the original crew-- want to be part of it?

* Seasonal lesson ideas-- because candy ISN'T one of the 4 Cs!

And as always... some flash backs, too.



What? A hero? I want to be a hero! Here's the thing... our district issued passwords are needing a little bit of a refresh. So, our NEW SYSTEM will allow you to set your own password, and reset it if you ever forget it. So, be a hero of password security and reset your password this month (like seriously, because your old password will die a tragic death in November)

You will use this new password to

  • Sign in to a computer
  • Sign in to wi-fi
  • Sign in to email and use the "sign in with google" button
  • Sign in to your Google Account in general--- Drive, Docs etc.

What should you do?

  • Go to the district site and choose RESET YOUR PASSWORD in the District Menu
  • Enroll one time
  • Change your password any time

So, it is a two step deal--- enroll yourself in the system, then click CHANGE PASSWORD and... change your password. Then, you have a more secure password that ONLY YOU know, and you are a password hero! And hey, don't share this password. Not with another teacher. Not with a sub. Just nope. You are a hero protector of student data behind that password.

Heads up-- This process will replace your "District password". This means after you go through the process to change it, you will need to enter the password again on each device you use. Most accounts will prompt you to do this.

October is the time to make sure you get this done!

Because seriously, passwords will expire in the month of November some time and that could be scary if you aren't prepared.

So, click the image to the right if you want more specific steps, but get this password reset and feel like you have accomplished something important, because hey, you have!

Big picture
Need more specific instructions? Click here!

This Google Doc will give you all the details you need.


Mobile Device Refresh

It's time!

You have been waiting. We have been asking you to be patient. It is time to get those iPads from the original deployment updated.

Read all the info below to help us prepare for the device refresh. Your participation here is an important starting place!

Want details? They are here!

STEP 1 is up to you, and it is an important one! Complete the form below and click Submit. Then, remind your colleagues to complete the google form. Not everyone will get refreshed iPads (For example, I'm talking to you, new teacher who just got a new iPad a couple months ago, love ya!) but everyone should complete the form. It will help with record keeping, so thanks!

** SPOILER--- when you complete the form, you will see that we are offering the option of a mobile Chromebook instead of an iPad, if you think that would better meet your needs. This is a choice to consider carefully, because we will not be able to accommodate changes. Make a choice you can live with. I'm sure you understand why.

Now, please understand--- the iPad fairy won't be dropping a new iPad on your desk as soon as you hit submit. We will prepare an order based on the responses here (see why everyone needs to complete it?) The new devices will need to be prepared once the delivery arrives. And hopefully, we will be able to schedule device refresh meetings. It would be awesome if it could be before winter break, but if not, it will be as soon as we are able to.

CLICK HERE to open the form in its own browser tab. Or complete it below. Doesn't matter, which, but make sure to complete it!


OCTOBER Lesson Possibilities

A couple fun things you might want to check out: 1. Ozobots 2. Breakout EDU
Ozobots are the fun little robots and respond to an ink line or block coding. Take a look at these lessons for October, and contact me ( or x9832) if you would like to check out the Ozobots for a few days!

CLICK HERE for a Dia de los Muertos lesson idea.

Breakout EDU games are puzzles that, when solved, allow you to open locks on a box. Games are centered around a story of some sort, and encourage students to communicate as creative, critical thinkers who work together collaboratively (see what I did there?)

Getting to the games can be tricky... sign in to the Breakout site with the google button, then come back and click the links to the games

Sign into the Breakout EDU site

Here are some free games to check out:

Dentists Against Halloween

Jealous Jack

Monster Mash or Monster Mash Jr. (for early elementary)

If you see a game that would work for your students, let me know if you want to borrow the box and locks, I'd be glad to bring them to you. Don't let lack of supplies stop you from Breakout fun with your class!


Big picture

Have you figured out how to sign yourself and your students into all the things?

If you haven't, I've got the resource you need! Melanie and I made a chart to help. Mostly Melanie talked and I typed. She is smart and remembers all the things, I don't know how she does it (ninja memory!)



What's happening in Hueneme Classrooms?

One way to find out is to check out #hesdpride on twitter! Click the button below and read a few!

No pressure... a Twitter account isn't created when you click. You don't have to post pictures of your lunch. :)

#hesdpride stream on Twitter

Click here to see some awesome local idea sharing! NO SIGN IN or TWITTER ACCOUNT REQUIRED!


Edcamp Hueneme

It was a blast and we loved seeing so many teachers smiling in one place! So many things happened--- new learning, new friendships, great connections, amazing raffle prizes, and lots of laughs, pancakes!

Participants set up an impressive session board, including topics like Number Talks and Math Growth Mindset, Hyperdocs, Restorative Justice and Collaborative Google Slides.

If you weren't there this year, hope you will join us next September!