Dragon Points


Thank you to Mrs. Randle for her incredible skills and ability to pump up the crowd/faculty. To all of you who have worked hard on Dragon Time and Operation Success including Mrs. Bevill and Coach Pipak.

Message from Interim Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Rogers

A Message from Dr. Rogers

Next Week

Next week, Operation Success begins on Tuesday for math, social studies, and science. Thursday, the second part of Operation Success begins with ELA and another science session. Reminders for teachers to give out to students who will be a part of Operation Success will be placed in your boxes on Friday to be distributed on Monday. I will follow-up with an email and a message on our website. Last, but not least, Friday Night Lights begins on Friday. Your department chair should be coordinating your schedules and have them emailed to Mrs. Brown by Friday. Please send any questions to Mrs. Davenport, Coach Miles or me.

Also, each grade needs to submit a rough outline to Mrs. Brown on Monday of their plans for Dragon Time.

Next up...Breakfast Club.

Administrivia Reminders

  • Lesson Plans should be submitted on Mondays.
  • Tutoring Schedules should be posted outside of your doors.
  • Along with your agenda etc. please make sure that if you are SIOP or NEXUS trained that you have your Language and Content Objectives on the wall or posted somewhere in your rooms. (ELL's will be a huge focus in the district's planning for next school year.)
  • Don't ya treat me this way, Cause I'll be back on my feet some day. Don't care if you do cause it's understood you ain't got no money you just ain't no good. Well, I guess if you say so, I'd have to pack my things and go.
  • Team Awards need to be up by next Friday, January 30th.
  • Make it a point to discuss in team meetings when students are taking tests and how many. This includes communicating to those who instruct students in core areas, but may not be on your team, such as: Ashley Anderson, Mark Hall, and Robin Jones.


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