Warrior Weekly

For the Week of December 8-12, 2014

School Improvement Focus of the Week!

All students will improve in reading and comprehending informational text and in responding to literature.
Action #3--A 30-minuite intervention block will be provided for each grade level that offers small group instruction in reading by the most highly qualified staff, as well as specific learning targets for other students that will advance their individual learning needs.
  • Training will be provided in LLI
  • Students in need of extra reading support will have 30-minutes for 3-5 days weekly.
  • Groups will be reviewed at least each trimester to assure students needs are being met.

This Week! Swimming schedule continues!

  • 7:35--School Improvement Meeting in the Conference Room--We will talk about the Advanced Ed Parent/Staff/Student Survey results and what our next steps should be. We will look at the Title I review for our School Improvement Plan.
  • 9:00--Kris and Christie in a meeting.
  • 3:15--Kris and Christie in a meeting.


  • 7:35--RTI Team 2
  • 8:30--PTO Meeting
  • 1:00--Special Needs Staffing


  • 7:35--SMART Start in the Media Center--Everyone! :)--Close Reading Strategies--Part 1 with Deb Gaby.


  • 7:35--Grade Level and Department Meetings--Please include a discussion with your grade level teams about inspiring students to do reading practice at home! How long should they read each night, each week, etc.?
  • 9:00--Administration Meeting


  • Staff Birthday Celebration
  • 7:45--Ornament exchange
Project-Based Learning--Weekly Warm-up

Here is a weekly warm-up on winter storms that will help students develop project-based learning skills through simple daily activities.

Great Apps from Kristin Ziemke

This is a list of cross curricular apps for grades K 6 that amplify student thinking. These apps are student directed, collaborative, creative and can be used in a number of configurations to capture thinking.

Kindergarten Addition!

We have had a steady growth in our kindergarten numbers since the beginning of school. We are adding another section! Please welcome Laurie Fredericks to our staff! We will get her introduced more officially on Wednesday at our SMART Start!