Grade 1 Newsletter 22-26 Sept 14

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

International Primary Curriculum- 'We are what we Eat'

We are well on our way into our new unit 'We are what we eat' and this week the children have begun their learning journey by thinking about what they already know as part of their Knowledge Harvest. After sharing 'The Big Picture' overview together, the children then thought of questions that they wanted to find out about. Grade 1 AMc would like to know...

  • Leah - How does rice grow and what is a paddy field?
  • Maya - Why do we need to eat fruits and vegetables?
  • Sam - Where is the best place to grow lemons?

In out Morning Meetings we have introduced the idea of 'Go, Slow and Whoa' foods and we are looking at our Brain Food each day to see what kinds of foods we are choosing to eat. 'Go' foods are anytime foods, 'Slow' foods are sometimes foods and 'Whoa' foods are once in a while foods! After 2 weeks we plan to look at our results and come to some conclusions about our eating habits!

Some classes have also been developing their knowledge of 'The Eatwell Plate' and thinking about food groups. These concepts are important as they help us to plan a 'Balanced diet'. Key vocabulary that we will be using will include: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, sugars and dairy.

Celebration at the end of our unit Sensational

Language Arts

This week, in Writer's Workshop, we have been looking at many How-To books and noticing things that we, as writers, could put in our own instructional books. We have talked about similarities and differences between two how-to books and have used these features in our own writing.

We have also been learning about short vowel sounds as well as alphabetical order. We had fun playing games like using scrabble tiles to make words with short vowel sounds and all lining up by alphabetical order. Our C.A.F.E. strategy this week is Cross Checking. Do the words look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?


Grade 1s embarked on a new unit this week. The children learnt about shapes and identified these shapes in our environment. This is a one week unit covering only 2D shapes. It is an easy and fun unit as the children explore the language of shape - names of shapes like circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, sides, corners. We grouped and classified these shapes according to colour, orientation and size.

Celebration of Learning

Thank you to all the parents who came to our celebration of learning. It is wonderful to see 100% turn out with all our parents. The children really enjoyed sharing their 8 weeks in Grade 1 with you! We hope you enjoyed that special time with your child too!

Reminders & Dates

1 October Wednesday - Book Swap.

Please remind children to bring in their books by Monday

3 October Friday - Storybook Character Parade

6 October Monday - Hari Raya Haji (Public Holiday)

8 October Wednesday - Fieldtrip to Bollywood Veggies