3K News

Week of December 8-12, 2014


12/15: Half Day for students (Student Led Conferences from 6:00-8:00)

12/18: Techzel orders are due

12/23: Half Day (12:30 Dismissal)

12/24-1/2 Winter Break (Students return to school on 1/5, which is a day 6)

Comprehension Strategies: Fact and Opinion

Discovering the Popplet App

This week, students mastered the skill of finding facts and opinions in texts. Students worked in groups to read articles from December's Time For Kid's Magazine. Once students had finished the article, they used the app "Popplet" to create a graphic organizer which identified fact and opinion statements in their reading.

Frosty's Winter Fact and Opinion Snowflakes

Students explored books about winter to find facts and opinions. For example, students learned that melted snow gives water for our wells, streams, and rivers. Students also learned that the temperature underneath the snow is warmer than in the air. Once students found their facts and opinions, they created snowflakes to record their information.


Making Predictions and Experimenting

Students continued to learn about sound this week, by exploring how nails of different lengths will produce different sounds. Students made predictions by thinking about our experiments with the tuning forks. Students experimented by striking a small, medium, and large nail and recording their observations about the sounds the different materials made.