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April 5: Jr. High Chorus to JALC

April 9-13: Spring Book Fair

April 9: Parent Workshop/Family Reading Night

April 13: Glow Dance

April 17: Safety Team Meeting 3:00

April 26: Sharp Show JH/HS Spring Concert

April 27: Out at 11:30

  • The Elementary/Jr. High School's safety team will be meeting at 3:00 on the following days: April 17, April 24, and May 8th. We will write and finalize the building's safety plan to be implemented next year. If you would like to be on this team, please sign up here.
  • We have a lot of clothes in our lost and found. Please take a look in it if you come by the school this month. We hate for families to lose good clothes. We have laid them all out and had the students walk through the cafeteria to claim their clothes, but there are still sooo many items left.
  • Possible retention letters have been sent to families of students who are in danger of failing. If you received one of these letters, please call and make an appointment to meet with your child's teacher. We have 7 short weeks to bring grades up to prevent retention.
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If you are a parent reading this, you will probably hear your child talking about his or her goals in the future (if you haven't already.) One thing that is important to me leading your child's school is to not only make sure your child is educated in the basic subject areas, but also to educate him/her about growing up to be happy, successful, productive, - their BEST! If you study the habits of highly successful people, one habit that you will see repeatedly is goal-setting. Many studies have been done in the area of setting goals. Studies show that just the act of writing down goals increases a student's academic performance. If the student writes down the goal, talks about to others regularly, and keeps it where it can be seen, the increase is even more substantial. So... we are goal-setting. My goal is to get our students setting goals for themselves early. Short term goals, long term goals, academic goals, behavior goals, personal goals - I don't care, as long as they are setting goals for themselves and experiencing the satisfaction of reaching them. Nothing builds confidence more than setting a goal and reaching it.
I believe in goal-setting because I am a goal-setter myself. I believe many of the accomplishments I have experienced have been due to the gratification and fulfillment I get from reaching a goal. Once I reach a long-term goal, I often find myself discontent and dissatisfied until I resolve to begin another.
Why am I telling you this? Because I want you experience the fulfillment I'm talking about if you have not. You see, I need you to believe in it as well so you will get on board! Nothing can influence a child to set goals more than a parent modeling goal-setting behavior. Our teachers and I can only influence your child so much. YOUR influence will make the difference. There are many sites that will give you advice about ways to help make your child a goal-setter.
What else do I want from you? Ask your child questions like: What did you do today to help you reach your goal? Do you feel like you are getting close to reaching your goal? What is your next plan of action to help you reach your goal? Also, celebrate with your child when they make positive steps toward reaching their goal or when they successfully reach a short-term goal. For example, let's say your child chose to set a short-term goal to make a 100% on the spelling test on Friday. Each day leading up to Friday, ask what you can do to help them reach their goal. On Thursday, build anticipation of the next day being the day they reach their goal. When you see them first thing after school on Friday, I guarantee they will be eager to share with you their accomplishment. Celebrate it with them and use that excitement and sense of accomplishment to sit down with them that weekend and help them set another goal, maybe an even more challenging one. What if they don't reach their goal? This is a great learning opportunity to help shape their mind-set. Congratulate them on their effort and talk with them about what things they can do differently the following week to give it another shot. Developing a

growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset is also sooo beneficial to their success in life.
Here is a sample goal-setting sheet. You will notice that it is more than just writing down a goal. To adequately plan a goal and start with a solid goal-reaching foundation, you must think it through and consider what obstacles may stand in the way of reaching your goal. You must also consider and prepare for them so you won't be caught off guard when one comes along. Plan your combat for those obstacles before they happen so they won't knock you off track.
Please come chat with me if you think you have some ideas to help instill in our students a habit of goal-setting. I would love to get your input. Together, we will grow your child up to be anything they want to be.
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April 16: Kindergarten

April 17: 1st Grade

April 18: 2nd Grade

April 19: 3rd Grade

April 20: 4th Grade

April 23: 5th Grade

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