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May 2, 2016

Student Led Conferences

Thank you to all the parent's who were able to attend student led conferences with your child. It was great to see them take ownership and pride in their journey. Hearing the conversations the families had put a huge smile on the students (and my) face! If you were unable to attend, your child will be bringing home all their materials to share with you.
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We've recently started writing opinion pieces. After brainstorming some ideas, students have come up with a list of possible topics that they could write. We've looked at a few samples and gotten ideas on what makes a good piece. Over the next few weeks we will continue to work on different opinion pieces.


The past few weeks we have been reviewing different multiplication strategies; skip counting, repeated addition, arrays, pictures. We are going to be taking what we know about multiplication and help us solve division problems.

We've also spent some time with measurement! Making and building a city with specific measurements; inches and centimeters. Talking about height, width, as well as types of triangles.

Upcoming dates

May 6- Field Trip! (See above)

May 11- Dublin Library

May 14- Barnes and Noble Fundraiser

May 20- Field Day

May 27- Last Books and Breakfast

May 30- NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

June 6- Last Day of School