Germany the country of Greatness

By:The Most Awesome Person On Earth,Cole bible


Germany shares borders with Belgium,Poland,Denmark,Czech Republic,Switzerland,Austria,France,Luxemburg,and the Netherlands.
There are very cold winters.

Plants and animals

There main trees are pine,beech,and oak.There animals are deer,hares,wild boars,badgers,mice,foxes,beavers,starlings,thrushes,sparrows,woodpeckers,owls,and herons.

People and culture

To introduce people,they put one hand on there stomach and the other strait out.

They eat baguettes,asparagus,pork chops,and apples.

Sports and recreation

To have fun,Germans played bowling,soccer,ice hockey,hand ball,and they participate in the Olympics.During the immigration period,kids would kick a ball on a wall and have it bounce back and kick it again.


Germany's history includes WWI,WWII,and tried to control the world.
During immigration time,WWI has just broken out and it had a lot to do with Germany.Because of Adolf Hittler,Germany tried to take over the country's that border it.

Important people

Some of the important people were Adolf Hittler and Albert Einstein.
Adolf Hittler was a dictator for Germany in the immigration period.Albert Einstein helped with the electric light bulb by making the filament stronger.